Purple Strawberries!

May 23, 2012
Flavor Ingredients Spring

I was looking through the Sunday paper and read an article on a new breed of strawberries. Cornell University unveiled Purple Wonder at Philadelphia International Flower Show this March. Purple strawberries? I have to try them!

Summer is just around the corner. And I was hoping to plant them in the FONA garden. No luck. The seeds are sold out. This summer I’m on a mission to find Purple Wonder. Oh, the possibilities! Purple Wonder cheesecake, Purple Wonder muffins, and Purple Wonder ice cream. Sounds delicious, right? They would also pair well with and fresh bananas, granola, and yogurt for a quick breakfast treat. They are described as sweeter and more delicious then the red strawberries at the store. They are June bearing fruits so I don’t have much time to find the best batch!