Taste Modification 201

Taste Modification 201

Learn how to work better with flavor and develop an understanding of taste modification — including the science at work and the technologies available.

Class Topics

Neuroscience of Flavor Cognition

Understand the neuroscience behind taste and smell and how it relates to overall flavor cognition. Explore the brain and behavior relationships that exist between different anatomical structures and how these pathways work together.

Masking & Blocking Technology

Provides an overview of taste modification approaches and discusses benefits and limitation of available tools.

Health & Wellness Trends Affecting Taste

Dive in to trends and shifts in consumers food and beverage consumption habits that present taste challenges & opportunities. Focuses on plant protein, sugar reduction, gut health and ingredients that have natural functionality.

Application Strategies for Taste Modification

Discuss emerging analytical approaches employed for novel taste modification technology discovery and view the potential impact of big data and the use of artificial intelligence in flavor discovery.

Regulatory Considerations for Legal Use and Labeling

Build a foundation of understanding of guardrails for legal use of the modification toolbox while ensuring safe use and compliant, truthful labeling.

Flavoromics, Artificial Intelligence, and Electronic Sensing

Discuss electronic sensing and how it can be utilized to optimize formulations and provide flavor solutions while providing cost and time efficiency.


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