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Have a knowledge gap when it comes to flavor? We have you covered.

If you’re going to take time out of your busy schedule to learn about working better with flavor, it better be worth it. Thousands of food industry professionals have attended our Flavor 101® & Flavor 201 courses and they agree: Flavor University helps you work smarter with flavor. These highly rated and non-commercial courses cover everything from the science behind flavor, the labeling landscape, to using flavor in your specific application.

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Flavor University 2024 Course Schedule

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In-Person Classes: 

Flavor 101®
  • McCormick FONA, Geneva, IL – October 8 & 9
Flavor 101® Hits the Road
  • Dallas, TX – Tuesday, August 13
  • Minneapolis, MN – Tuesday, August 20
  • Denver, CO – Tuesday, September 10
  • Louisville, KY – Thursday, September 12
Pet Care Flavor 201
  • McCormick FONA, Geneva, IL – Tuesday, September 17
Savory Flavor 201
  • McCormick FONA, Geneva, IL – Tuesday, October 15
Taste Modification 201
  • McCormick FONA, Geneva, IL – TBD


2024 Special Session Webinars:  

New-Stalgia: Consumer Insights and Flavor Trends: June 25, 2024 at 11AM CST (40 minutes)

Nostalgic flavors are gaining momentum as consumers continue to seek out comforting and familiar foods and beverages. Brands are getting creative with how they deliver nostalgic flavors in a reimagined way, satisfying the child within, while delighting the tastes of today’s adults—enter new-stalgia. From throwback flavors reminiscent of happy memories to vintage product reintroductions and more, Stephany Peña, Associate Marketing Product Manager, will explore top flavors, feelings, and behaviors associated with nostalgia broken down by age and gender in this webinar.


If you would like to attend any of these webinars, please reach out to Sarah David at for the link.



 Please note at this time FONA does not accept applications to attend Flavor University classes from employees who work solely with e-cigarette/e-juice products. Knowing that the flavors we sell are not approved for use in these products, we do not feel it’s appropriate to educate you on their use without creating a possible conflict of interest..

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Madde Klinkey, Marketing Associate