Herbs & Spices

Sometimes, nothing beats an original

McCormick has been providing high-quality herbs and spices since 1889—it’s our heritage and what we stake our company on. With this much experience, it should come as no surprise that we have developed highly sophisticated, world-class spice sourcing and processing capabilities.


 KER378211  Your success starts at the farm

Through our global relationships with farmers and growers, we collaboratively maintain and elevate supply chain requirements and quality standards. Plus, whenever possible, we grind our spices ourselves, giving us a stellar track record in delivering quality products. If you’re asking us, we’ll tell you that "no company is without risk, but we’re confident you'll find us to be the best risk in the business."


10 questions to ask every spice provider

  1. Where do you get your spices?
  2. What programs assure Good Agricultural Practices and GMP’s in the growing regions?

  3. How are new origins evaluated?

  4. What programs are in place to assure ground spices are not adulterated?

  5. How are the spices processed?

  6. Have the processing controls been validated?

  7. What post-processing controls are in place to prevent microbial cross-contamination of raw, untreated, and pasteurized spices?

  8. What third-party food safety and quality certifications or audits does the spice manufacturer have?

  9. What product and environmental sampling and microbiological testing programs are in place?

  10. What programs are in place to verify the accuracy and reliability of microbiological, chemical, and physical tests?