Savory Flavor 201®

Savory Flavor 201

Learn how to work better with flavor in your savory and culinary products.

Class Topics

Definition of a Savory Flavor

Start things off with an introduction to the basics of savory flavors. Learn how they are defined, the different types, and how they are made.

Savory Flavor Generation

Discuss the mechanics and commercialization of savory flavors, including reaction and processed flavors, compounded topnotes, finished flavor forms, drying techniques and seasonings vs. flavors.

The Role of Sensory

Explore the science of sensory and its role in the world of product development. Learn about the three main types of sensory testing (affective/consumer, discrimination/difference, descriptive) and how each can benefit the product development process.


Dive in to what’s hot and what’s next with FONA’s innovative Flavor Radar®, a flavor mapping methodology. You’ll track flavors on their journey from novel to everyday pantry staple and learn how they transition from one category to the next.


Take a look at the laws governing labeling and specific situations including food allergens, flavoring agents, ingredient classifications, flavor categories, organic, kosher and halal.

Savory Flavor Application

You’ll begin with a detailed look at sauces. Discuss stocks, thickeners, finishing component and the five grand sauces: demi glace, veloute,béchamel, tomato and hollandaise. Then, enter the world of soup and learn about the various types and how they are manufactured, including a look at flavor harmony and seasonings. Finish up with a discussion of culinary cooking techniques and how they relate to savory flavors.

How to Request and Screen a Flavor

Make sure the flavor you request is the one you need. Take a look at how to communicate effectively with your flavor supplier, how to screen a flavor sample and how to evaluate it in your application.

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