Open & Accessible Regulatory

The fastest and most accessible regulatory team, guaranteed.

At McCormick Flavor Solutions, our regulatory team is involved at every step. They thrive on personal contact with customers, to truly get to the heart of what you need. Fast and focused experts ready to serve you with confidence.

  • Deep Expertise: You’ll know quickly if your flavor meets the necessary requirements – and what adjustments are needed if it doesn’t. Partners to get the best taste within your regulatory needs.
  • Label Claim Guidance: Count on ingredient review to support your claims and package pictorials. You deserve accurate and knowledgeable guides to navigate these waters.
  • Robust Resources: We have endless resources at our fingertips, which means you do, too. IOFI (International Organization of the Flavor Industry), FEMA (Flavor & Extracts Manufacturers Association), and so many more.

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