Taste: Consumer Panels & Surveys

Get paid for your opinion, and help us make delicious flavors in the process

At McCormick Flavor Solutions, we rely on consumers like you (and your children). In order to help food, beverage and healthcare companies make delicious products, we count on participation in online surveys, product tastings and focus groups. We pay you to taste delicious things, what could be better?

Sign up here, and get tasting!


  • Surveys
    • Online surveys to share your thoughts and opinions and influence new products.
  • Product Tastings
    • In your own home or on-site at our Geneva, Illinois facility, explore new flavors and products and give your feedback. Pick your favorite and describe what you are tasting.
  • Focus Groups
    • Small group discussion at our facility in Geneva, Illinois. Weigh in on a specific topic, flavor or product.
  • Trained Panel (adults only)
    • On site at our facility in Geneva. Become trained on how to describe flavors based on appearance, aroma, flavor, texture and mouthfeel.


Don’t worry — we will never provide your contact information to any third party. This information is kept confidential and is for the sole use of McCormick Flavor Solutions so that we may contact you to inform you of current opportunities.

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