Pet Care Flavor 201®

Pet Care Flavor 201

Learn how flavors can enhance pet food, treats, supplements and healthcare products.

Class Topics

Flavor Uses in Pet Care  

An introduction to using flavors in pet care applications. This section sheds light on commonly asked questions such as: “What’s the difference between a flavor and a palatant?”; “When should I use a flavor?” and “Should I be using a liquid or dry flavor?”

Pet Perception of Flavor

How developed is a cat’s sense of taste? How different is a dog’s sense of smell? In this section, we will dive into the taste and aroma perception in cats and dogs including how they differ from humans and each other.

Flavor Creation for Pet Products

Dive into flavor chemistry and the building blocks of flavor design for pet care applications. We’ll discuss how flavors can enhance palatability and mapping the flavor and taste profile of using electronic sensing technology.

Flavor Regulation in Pet Care 

Build a foundation of understanding of the regulations for using flavors in pet care. From FEMA GRAS to FDA to AAFCO, this session has it covered.

Sensory for Developers

Enhance the language we use for evaluation attributes specific to the flavor and aroma of pet food. Includes an extensive hands-on tasting and smelling of the positive and negative sensory attributes in pet food.  Flavor attributes are shown on their own as well as in in product.

Marketing Trends 

A dive into current trends in pet products for today’s humanized pets and the ways that flavor drives value through premiumization.

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