Confection Flavor 201®

Confection Flavor 201

Life is sweet — and so are your products. Let us help you work better with flavor for your confection and dessert products.

Class Topics

Flavor Forms and Selection Options

A deep dive into the advanced anatomy of flavor helps to supply the “why” behind the choices you make. We’ll cover flavor forms, selection considerations such as solubility, delivery, impact, solvent systems, flashpoints and flavor loss; troubleshooting, and the impact of processing on flavor.

Confection Flavor Application

Developing a confection product requires attention to more than just the desired flavor profile. There are technical variables that need to be considered when selecting or optimizing a flavor to assure stability and likeability. Topics covered in this section will include application options for single, dual and multiphase products; flavor balance, interactions, shelf life and the concepts of concentration, usage and load.

Flavor Pairing

Understanding and mastering the delicate process of flavor pairing is a must for developers and marketers seeking to satisfy today’s adventurous consumers. This abbreviated module uses hands-on activities to explore the nuances of balancing flavor blends and presents considerations for selecting flavors for multi-packs.

Product Optimization

This module delves into the importance of optimizing the multitude of variables other than flavor that impact the overall taste of your confection product. We’ll review factors such as natural colors, acids, sweeteners and functional additives and their impact on the overall taste of a finished product.

The Science of Taste Modifying

Understanding the physiology and psychochemistry of taste and smell perception is the first step to appreciating the strategies available to deal with flavor challenges such as bitterness. This module uses hands-on activities to explore taste modifying methods such as taste masking and taste blocking through the use of strong tastents, congruent flavors, phantom aromas, and complexing agents.

Advanced Confection and Flavor Trends

This advanced look at confection and flavor trends goes beyond market conditions and new product introductions to discuss where confection trends are born. We’ll identify potential sources of inspiration for your flavor pipeline and discuss the value of completing a gap analysis to uncover flavor and profile opportunities.

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