Flavors of Peru: A Visit to Rio’s D’Sudamerica

April 29, 2013
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What an interesting taste experience we recently had at a Peruvian restaurant called Rio’s! Located in the city of Chicago, within the trendy neighborhood of Bucktown, the reviews promised an authentic culinary experience. Not being very well acquainted with the cuisine (beyond a love for ceviche), the restaurant choice was a deliberate move to expand our taste experiences.

While exploring the menu, we (my family and I) asked for guidance in selection and recommendations for dishes that truly epitomized the cuisine of Peru. The waitperson was very helpful in the selection of a good cross section of appetizers and entrees for the table, but emphatically told us to “Save room for dessert!”

In particular, we were to try the lucuma ice cream which was described as having a “nutty maple syrup” flavor. It was drizzled with chocolate sauce and served with dollops of whipped cream.

One of the most popular flavors of ice cream in Peru, lucuma is known throughout Latin America as the Gold of the Incas.  Quite a build-up, but I must say this new flavor sensation did not disappoint! Keep an eye out for lucuma …most often found in dairy-based beverages, ice creams and confections. Be sure to give this sweet flavor sensation a try should the opportunity arise!