Ideas for Revitalizing a Team

April 15, 2013

I am currently a part of a team that was formed to accomplish a special project related to raw material documentation. Team work, leadership, time management, and prioritization are just a few lessons that I have learned while working on this project.  I also discovered the importance of revitalization.  It’s very important to keep that team energy going!  There will always be ups and downs with any long-term project, but it is important to recognize when your group is hitting a down moment and know what to do to get them back up. 

Some ideas for rallying your own troops include:

Have an awards ceremony where you recognize members of your team who have gone above and beyond.  For example, we had a short awards ceremony for our Outstanding Reviewers at the Quarterly Management Meeting last Fall.  Everyone really appreciated the personalized thank you in front of the whole company!

Create a competition that tracks the progress of individuals and the whole group like our “GO Team Bundle Count” poster below.  Every time an individual finished reviewing a bundle of documents, he/she got a check mark or sticker.  After every 20 bundles the reviewer received a gift card.  This poster was prominently displayed in the hallway just outside of the Fitness room.

Give rewards like gift cards, special outings, or even extra vacation days.  

Boost team unity by creating group T-shirts.  Here is a picture of our super stylish group at the Outstanding Reviewer awards ceremony rocking our awesome “GO Team!” shirts!

(That's me on the right with my Quality teammate, Andy.)

Reenergize your team by expanding the core team. New people equals new energy!

Boost team moral by breaking long-term goals into more manageable smaller tasks.

Keep an updated timeline that shows progression and projection of team advancement.

Not every revitalization idea will work for every person on your team.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to find out which combination of tactics will keep your team refreshed and going strong.  As always, keep your own attitude positive and watch the renewed energy flow!