Creating Passionate Followings Part 3: Tapping Into Existing Affinities

July 1, 2013
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Disney princesses make money. The affinity that little girls have to Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine and the rest of the princesses has been successfully exploited for years in every category from toothpaste to fruit snacks to home décor. You can even order Disney princess personal checks.

Consider the share of gift-spending devoted to that game of golf, and how passionate sports fans broadcast their favorite teams in everything from what they wear to what they drink.

Take a look at the online dating business. Athletic Passions. Christian Mingle. Farmers Only.  Trek Passions. (Yes, a dating site for Trekkies!)

Now think about confections (or whatever category you specialize in). Beyond licensing, what are the existing affinities that can be tapped to create passionate followings for a candy?

A gum for runners.

A candy inspired by gardening.

Flavors named after classic sports cars.

Candy you can share with your pet.

Where people's passions already lie is where the opportunities to build passionate followings can be found!