Millenial Moms: Moms with Serious Buying Power

March 10, 2014
Consumer Moms Trends

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Moms With Buying Power

The article — “All Grown Up And Ready To Spend” — describes Millennial Moms as women who are “unhindered by traditional societal norms” and “choose to raise their children in their own unique way, picking and choosing what’s best, taking advice and making it their own.” While navigating parenthood in this way, Millennial Moms surveyed by Parents magazine said they wanted to raise kids who exhibit these top 5 values:

1. Honesty

2. Self-esteem

3. Kindness

4. Respect

5. Manners

They want honest children and seek honesty from the brands they support, as well. We’ll talk about that a bit more later.

Millennial Mom Quick Stats

• Cooking is the #5 area the Millennial Mom wants advice in.

• 86% watch online how-to videos.

• 3/4 of new moms do housework almost every day.

• 96% read print magazines and newspapers, and magazines are the preferred place to see advertisements.

• 81% of Millennial Moms note that shopping is the number one way they use their smartphone.

Millennial Moms Describe Themselves

Millennial Moms do the typical juggling act of work, family, friends and finding time for themselves. The busyness stresses them out, but they love it. These Moms love their lives and are a very happy bunch. Just look at these stats about how Millennial Moms describe themselves and their lives. Millennial Moms believe in taking care of themselves. 60% responded that they will always afford items that make them happy. Perhaps that’s why this is such a contended group of mothers!

• 86% Happy

• 65% Content

• 63% Confident

• 58% Busy but fun

• 48% Stressed

Connecting with Millennial Moms

What types of products and brand connections are these busy, stressed, happy women, focused on raising honest children for? They’re looking for honest companies, of course! They want brands to be helpful, authentic and tuned into their individuals needs. Trust is key, and Millennial Moms need to be able to believe in what the companies she supports with her purchases are doing. Dana Points, Editor-in-Chief of Parents & American Baby magazines and Meredith Parents Network, says brands should be looking for anything they can do to make these moms’ lives easier. Acknowledge their confidence and pat them on the back for it, she advises. Let them know, “Hey, we see what you’re doing, we understand what it’s like, and we’re here to support you.” One way Parents magazine reaches out to make busy moms’ lives easier is monthly top 10 lists. They curate and customize information as a way to help Millennial Moms get the information they want (on top summer vacation spots, for example) without doing all the legwork and research.

Download the full Millenial Moms Report!



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