Lime By the Numbers

June 23, 2014
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According to Food Lover’s Dictionary, limes are small, lemonshaped citrus fruits that have a thin green skin and a juicy, pale green pulp. They grow in tropical and subtropical climes such as Mexico, California, Florida and the Caribbean. The two main varieties are the Persian lime (the most widely available in the United States) and the Key lime from Florida. The latter is smaller, rounder and has a color more yellow than green. Outside of Florida, the Key lime is usually found only in specialty produce markets and some supermarkets that carry gourmet produce. Though Persian limes are available year-round, their peak season is from May through August. Both varieties have a multitude of uses, from a sprightly addition to mixed drinks (like margaritas), to a marinade for raw fish dishes (such as ceviche), to the famous Key lime pie.


We are spotting lime everywhere!
There are several mentions of lime in print media including:
• Cooking Light magazine features “A Sunny Splash of Citrus” including a guide to unique citrus fruits beginning to hit the U.S. market including finger limes, sudachi and kaffir limes.
• Cooking Light magazine features Six Pointers for Great Guacamole in their “Lighten Up, America!” section. Pointer three suggests ,“add a hefty squeeze of lime juice to season and add some acidity to the guacamole.”
• Martha Stewart Living magazine features an article on Key Lime Pie. It is noted that, “the Key lime has a mild, delicate fragrance, and a very sweet flavor.” It also includes a traditional Key lime pie recipe that claims to be, “the most delicious pie!”
• EveryDay with Rachel Ray includes an article on Limes in their “Seasonal Superfood” section. Limes are noted as being a “glow-getter, calorie roaster and a cancer fighter.” The article also includes a Tangy Lime Shrimp recipe.

Lime in Social Media!

While perusing Pinterest, lime pins were spotted with a good assortment of food and beverage recipes—from the traditional Key Lime Pie and Key Lime Cheesecake to more refreshing beverages like the Coconut Ginger Lime Margarita, Lime Protein Shake and Watermelon Lime Infused Water. With so many recipe options to choose from, it’s easy to get carried away with lime pinning! 

A quick Twitter search provides tweets mentioning limes as “the good stuff” as well as mentions of “limes are a perfect way to make a dish tasty!” Tweets also include recipes for a variety of offerings including: pies, cocktails, muffins, rice and salads including lime. One tweet by @StyleAtHome even includes a watermelon + kaffir lime ice pops recipe, mentioning it’s “a tasty way to beat the heat!”
On more than 23,000 recipes appear 
if you search for lime. Recipe examples include primarily desserts (pies and cupcakes) but main dishes including shrimp, and chicken are also available. Lime recipes for salsas, jams, vinaigrettes and sauces are popular as well as many cocktail recipes.

Lime in Blogs!

Blogs are even spotlighting lime as an ingredient with several mentions of lime in food and beverage recipes.
• Sriracha Honey Lime Chicke, i am a food blog
• Mango Lime Pops, Love & Lemons
• Coriander & Lime Noodle Salad, S’tasty
• Baked Key Lime Pie Donuts, Taste & Tell


MAY 2009 - MAY 2014
• Ancho Lime Tilapia, Tumbleweed Southwest Grill
• Chipotle Lime Chicken Salad, Cosi
• Key Lime Bread Pudding, Magnolia’s


Between May 2009 & May 2014 there were 4,848 new products introduced. 

Products of Note

  • Smirnoff Black Lime & Mint Flavored Vodka: Poland

  • Heavensent Tomatoe & Lime Salsa: New Zealand

  • Lime Flavored Lipton Iced Tea: Vietnam

  • Michel et Augustin Lime Yogurt: France

  • Starbucks Refresha Cool Lime Sparkling Green Coffe Extract Energy Drink: Finland


Between May 2009 & May 2014 there were 1,063 new products introduced. 

Products of Note

  • Ocean's Halo chili Lime Seaweed Chips

  • Smirnoff Lime Flavored Vodka

  • Endangered Species Natural Sea Salt & Lime Creme Filled Dark Chocolate

  • Kozlik’s Lime & Honey Mustard

  • Liberte Yogurt Perfection Lime Flavored



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