Millennial Market: 8 Quick Insights on Food & Cooking

December 1, 2014

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A Quick Peek At Millennials and Food

CorningWare wanted to reach the Millennial market with a product line that would speak to their lifestyles, values and approaches to cooking, eating and dining. Their research brought eight insights to light that are important for food and beverage industry professionals to keep in mind when developing products and campaigns for the Millennial market.

77 Million Millennials 

  • 32% cook more than 5 times a week

  • 40% cook 3-4 times a week

  • 28% cook 1-2 times per week

8 Insights:

1. Eclectic and traditional tastes, versus contemporary or modern.

2. Appreciate quality and will pay for it.

3. Love to entertain and cook at home.

4. Convenience is key: space saving, portability, serving ideas, time savers, simple instructions.

5. Customization is a need, not a luxury.

6. Global world view. Enjoy exploring vivid flavor profiles and diverse cuisines.

7. Food is more than nourishment and nutritional value. It is entertainment and self-expression.

8. Brands and choices are personal reflections and should be unique.

Download the full report here!

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