Marketing to Women in Latin America

February 9, 2015

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Inclusive Marketing: Speaking to Women in Latin America

Thoughts from Alberto Pierpaoli, CEO The Gender Group

Alberto Pierpaoli had an epiphany about marketing to women that altered the course of his career. He thought he knew women — after all, he’d been married twice and had daughters. But, in his professional life working for advertising agencies, women were invisible. Then everything changed. When approached by a client who wanted to market to women, Alberto was prompted to read a book on marketing to women. Suddenly, it all made sense. He realized he had been using only a male perspective in marketing and had been blind to women entirely.

Demographics are changing," continues Alberto. "It's important to be respectful of women and men. Focus on inclusive marketing."

He read that women obtain information on products in different ways than men. This was definitely something he understood. He thought about when he and his wife would plan for vacations. His wife would spend many hours looking for information, talking to different hotels on the phone and reading lots of travel guides. Alberto would only spend a couple hours on the internet. It was his wife who decided and planned the trip. “She had better and deeper information than mine,” he conceded. “Women look for a lot of details and the perfect answer.” Today, Alberto is the CEO of The Gender Group, a marketing consultant company in Argentina focused on helping clients market to women and men. He is also the author of Mistreated by the Marketing.

In a recent interview, Alberto stressed the importance of inclusive marketing. “Latin America has a lot of machismo,” he says. “Men have a lot of power, and ads show either a sexy woman or a housewife. But more women are now in the labor force. More women are graduating than men from college and have more purchasing power than men in Latin America. There are more single moms, more singles, more people getting married later.

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