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March 23, 2015
Beverage Dessert Flavor Fruit Ingredients Snacks Spring Trends

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Asian Greens Will Spice Things Up

Start spring off right with a twist to your salad routine. Substitute traditional romaine with these Asian greens (that boast vitamins including A, K and C) for a touch of interesting flavor. Chrinese Chines taste like a cross between a leek and a ramp  with notes of garlic. Yau Choi is sweet and earthy with a hunt of mustard. Snow Pea Shoots are grassy, fresh and offer the sweet flavor of snow peas. | Eating Well

Berry Alert

Berry alert! Jaboticaba (also named guapuru and ybapuru) is known for its health properties including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which may enhance memory and protect against heart attacks. The grape-like berry is sweet and juicy in taste with a hint of acidity, pairing well in jams, sauces, ice cream and wine. | Clean Eating

There's a New Water in Town

Move over coconut water; new plant-based beverages are in town! Arty Water is made with California artichokes and sweetened with monk fruit. HappyTree Maple Water is sourced straight from maple trees in the U.S. and is 30 calories per bottle. WTRMLNWTR (watermelon water) contains only watermelon rind/flesh and organic lemon. Caliwater Cactus Water is created from prickly pear cactus fruit and contains skin revitalizing antioxidants. | SELF

Fresh Off the Grill

Fresh off the grill! Smoke-flavored products have seen a global growth of over 57% within the past five years. Chefs are getting creative using charred citrus salt and smoked pickle powder to garnish everything from popcorn to Bloody Marys for an added touch of smokiness. | Saveurr, Mintel

Innovative Flavors

Gourmet jellies and jams handcrafted by Jelly Queens are made in small batches and each product is infused with wine, beer or champagne to create complex flavor combinations. Innovative flavors include Banana Nut Bread, Strawberry Black Pepper, Blood Orange Lavender, Black Garlic Rosemary and Peach Pepper. |

Beverage Trends

Beverage trends emerging from social media: 1. Ginger cocktails, ginger beer and ginger garnishes.  Heathman Restaurant & Bar (Portland) includes on tap the Huckleberry Mule featuring housemade ginger ale, lime & Absolute vodka, topped with huckleberry preserves. 2. Brunch cocktails including milk punches, mimosas and Bloody Marys. Mercadito (Chicago) offers the Mango Mimosita featuring cava, mango, & green chile. 3. Apple & Cider Craze. Trick Dog (San Francisco) features the Coit Tower with Rittenhouse rye beer, raspberry, thyme, lemon & cider. 4. Housemade non-alcoholic sips like sodas and sparkling lemonades. The Perfect Prickly Pear features fresh lemon, prickly pear & grapefruit juice from Cactus Restaurants Southwest Kitchen & Bar (Seattle). | Flavor & The Menu

Calling All Clean Snacks

Prevention’s Cleanest Packaged Food Awards ranked the top 100 clean foods according to claims including low sugar, low sodium, organic, eco-friendly packaging, low in artificial ingredients and new to the market. Top snacks on the list include Wonderfully Raw Cheezy Herb Brussel Bytes, EPIC Hunter Gatherer Beef Jerky + Berry Blossom, Stonyfield Organic Petite Crème Plain & Simple and Yawp! Naked Nutrition Bar.

The Color of the Year

The Pantone 2015 color of the year, Marsala, is inspired by earthy red wine and the “satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal,” according to Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute. The color has inspired the use of Marsala in recipes including Banana-Pistachio Pancakes with Marsala, Homemade Strawberry Gelatin with Chocolate Marsala Sauce, Marsala Poached Pears, and Peaches with Marsala & Vanilla. | MSN

Dessert Trends to Keep Your Eye On

Four dessert trends to watch for: Sweet & heat: hot profiles blended with indulgent flavors (like chocolate). Classic-inspired: Classic desserts like crème brulee, tiramisu and ice cream flavors are being re-invented. Fruit & veggies: Desserts are expected to feature more fruit inclusions along with chocolate covered vegetables. Private label power: Store brand items are making more unique claims such as organic, sustainable and declaring origin to compete with their gourmet competitors. | Candy & Snack Today

M is for Matcha

Matcha Green Tea new product introductions have seen a global increase of more than 275% in the last five years, according to Mintel. Try Matcha Love Unsweetened Green Tea, a sugar-free thirst-quencher.

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