A Taste of Doughnuts: Trendy Shops & Exciting Flavors

April 9, 2015

Fried, baked, yeast, cake, frosted, filled, classic flavors or eccentric gourmet creations — doughnuts are everywhere!




• Maple Glazed Pineapple & Bacon
• Butterscotch Praline
• Malted Milk Ball
• Valrhona Chocolate (premium French chocolate) & Espresso Cream

Swedish Bakery

• Cardamom Sugar Ring
• Coconut Custard

Doughnut Vault

• Wedding Cake
• Cookies n Cream
• Lemon Poppyseed

Stan’s Donuts

• Biscoff Banana
• Maple Caramel Bacon
• Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel
• Lemon Pistachio


VooDoo Doughnuts

• Tang
• Bubble Gum
• Lemonade & Iced Tea
• Grape with Lavender Sprinkles
• Chocolate Doughnut with Cinnamon Sugar and Cayenne Pepper


Glazed and Confused

• Kiwi
• Sticky Toffee Pudding



The Fractured Prune, Ocean City, MD

While The Fractured Prune has been in business since 1976, their “interactive, custom, fresh” doughnut shop model with 19 glazes and 13 toppings speaks directly to today’s consumers who seek to make experiences their own.
Glazes: Key Lime, Mocha, Marshmallow
Toppings: Sea Salt, Bacon, Vanilla Wafers

Beaver’s Donuts, Chicago

While there isn’t flavor mixing and matching, these bite-sized doughnuts are made to order, so they’re served fresh out of the fryer, topped with your flavors of choice.
Glazes: Cinnamon, Powdered, Granulated, Chocolate
16 Topping Combinations: Strawberry Sauce & Pop Rocks, Marshmallow & Rice Krispies


West Town Bakery, Chicago

The “Who We Are” section of their website expounds on these five principles:
1. Always local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.
2. Business as green as our baked goods.
3. We bake for everyone.
4. Vegan - Nut-free - Soy-free - Gluten-free (They can accommodate these needs.)
5. Everything tastes as good as it looks.


Hurts Donuts, Wichita, KS

• Local Beer
• Sausage & Gravy
• Jalapeño and Cream Cheese Stuffed Doughnut with a Sriracha Glaze

Duck & Waffle, London, England

• Spicy Ox Cheek with Apricot Jam
The blogger at Samphire and Salsify describes her experience this way: “The rich ox cheek and the sweet donut covered in a spice rub was absolutely divine. The sharp tangy apricot jam cut through the sweetness perfectly. Meat donuts are my new favorite thing!”

The Chiltern Firehouse, London, England

• Feted Crab
Marina O’Loughlin, restaurant critic for The Guardian describes these savory doughnuts as “savoury kinda-profiteroles stuffed with white crab meat” and dredged in sugar.


JP Then, founder of Crosstown Doughnuts in London, said in a UK Telepgraph article that he believes people are drawn to “top quality ingredients that are relevant and timely” and that “filled doughnuts, with their explosion of flavor in the center, are the perfect vehicle for showcasing seasonal tastes.” Crosstown featured a spiced apple and pear crumble doughnut this winter and will look to seasonal fruits such as citrus, mangoes and pineapples in warm weather. “We’ve realized people really respond to freshness and flavor. We’ve simply put this into doughnut form,” he said.

For Justin Gellatly, owner of Bread Ahead and also featured in the Telepgrah article, high-quality ingredients are the key to a great doughnut. “We use amazing ingredients. For a custard doughnut, I use 14 ingredients, not the 40-plus ingredients which are in a supermarket doughnut. We use good flour, sexy butter and delicious salt.”


Glaze Artisan Doughnuts

“We pridefully cook our doughnuts to perfection in small batches throughout the day, using only the highest quality natural ingredients — with no preservatives, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) or artificial coloring.”
• Cannoli
• Cotton Candy
• Twinkie
• French Toast


St. John Bakery

• Bay Leaf Custard Bread Ahead
• Salted Caramel Sprinkled with Honeycomb

1235 Donuts
• Blackcurrant Leaf Custard
• Homemade Blackberry Jam



Big Poppa Tart Donut from Donut Bar

Two inches high and weighing one pound, this creation involves stuffing a strawberry Pop Tart into a cinnamon sugar doughnut. “Bakers then fill it with strawberry jam, add a cake batter glaze and top it off with more crumbled Pop Tarts, strawberry and sprinkles.”


Sloppy Jonuts from Hurts Donuts

Sloppy Joe’s are served up on doughnuts.


Kansas City Doughnut Dog

“With the help of Krispy Kreme, the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, has rolled out a new hot dog, called the doughnut dog: a doughnutty bun wrapped around a wiener, covered in bacon and jelly.”



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