Hot Topics & Trends: 10 Things You Should Know

May 26, 2015
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Veggie Snacks

In celebration of National Vegetarian Month, channel your inner veggie with these spiced -up, anytime recipes: Chipotle Zucchini Chips, Rosemary-Garlic Carrot & Green Bean Fries, Chili-Lime Jicama Slices and Spicy Grilled Edamame. | Health, CoolMomPicks, Tablespoon

Cook with Charmoula

Charmoula is a coarse, pesto-like sauce made with herbs, spices and fresh chilies - often containing a combination of cilantro, parsley, cumin, garlic and lemon. The Moroccan condiment is used to enliven seafood, meat and vegetables, while its Middle Eastern origin offers global flare on the menu. Sparrow Bar and Cookshop (Houston, TX) features Bacon wrapped Medjool Dates with Chorizo & Chermoula. | Saveur, Mintel

Sophisticated Kid's Menu

Offering more sophisticated, healthier choices on the kids’ menu is becoming top of mind for many restaurants, according to the Produce Marketing Association. Trends on kids’ menus are leaning towards more bold, global flavors while also offering versions of items on the adult menu in kid-friendly portions.

Switch Up Your Superfood

Kañiwa is a smaller, nuttier, sweeter and more protein-packed version of its close relative, Quinoa. It boasts four times the amount of iron, along with having no saponins (the compounds in Quinoa that give it a bitter taste). | Women’s Health

Bone Broth

Made from boiling animal bones (also known as stock), this traditional kitchen staple has recently turned into a wanted beverage. The nutrient-rich sip is said to boost immunity, aid digestion and is packed with protein, calcium and collagen. Chef Marco Canora offers a variety of bone broths at Brodo (NYC) including add-ins such as ginger juice, turmeric, beet juice, garlic puree and Calabrian chili oil. | NourishedKitchen, Cooking Light, Brodo


Tart and tangy, the African superfruit, baobab is said to have six times the amount of vitamin C of a orange. Bon Appetit’s Green Juice recipe includes a celery, apple, fennel, cabbage base with lemongrass and baobab powder stir-ins. (Now that’s an exotic mix of flavors!)

Interesting Flavors

Imported from destinations around the globe, Old Salt Merchants sugars and salts can add flare to any part of the kitchen – enjoy as a protein seasoning, tea sweetener or to flavor the rim of your cocktail. Flavors include: Lime Slice, Black Powder, Coconut Breeze, Rum Smoked and Jamaican Ginger. | Old Salt Merchants

Drinkable Honey

Twists on the classic beverage Mead (a wine created using fermented honey) are appearing on menus across the Midwest. Meniru Meadery (Ohio) offers the Tej, an Ethiopian-style honey wine with orange-blossom honey and hops. The ReThinker is a dry, blueberry mead on the menu at New Day Craft (Indiana). Dry Mead at White Winter Winery (Wisconsin) is made with fresh-pressed apple cider and honey. | Midwest Living

Blueberries Beyond Breakfast

Blueberry menu mentions have increased 97% between 2007 and 2014. The use of blueberries is moving beyond breakfast and dessert into savory applications. Bata’s (Cedar Rapids, IA) offers a hamburger topped with blueberry & jalapeño compote. | Flavor & The Menu

It's All About The Label

Consumers have their radar on when it comes to the foods and beverages they purchase - specifically what’s on the label: 67% prefer foods that are minimally processed, 51% look for foods and beverages with a short list of recognizable ingredients and 59% are looking for non-GMO products. | Food Product Design

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