She's All About Health: 5 Ways Women Are Taking Charge of Their Health & Wellness

May 11, 2015
Consumer Moms Trends

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She's All About Health

  • 81% of women surveyed on WebMD said being well means feeling good.

  • 38 million women a month turn to WebMD for information on health and wellness.

  • 23% of women who own a smart phone have a health and wellness app.

  • 130 million wearables will ship in 2018.

Women Are Focusing on Health & Wellness

Women are moving from being just a participant into taking control of their wellness journey and driving decision-making, says Fred Latasa, senior VP commercial strategy, WebMD. Taking action to improve their well-being gives them confidence and a sense of empowerment as they make decisions for themselves and their families. The following are five ways women are taking charge of their health:
1. Investigate

75% of women online have looked up health information in the last year. They’re digging deeper into health & wellness issues that are important to them. This includes reading labels and learning about ingredients in food and beverage products. They want to know what they’re feeding themselves and their families.
2. Educate

This research and question-asking builds their knowledge about their health and their bodies. Women are gathering more information on issues beyond simply what their doctors tell them. In fact, 62% agree with the statement, “I know my body better than my doctor does.”
3. Validate

Women are social and reaching out to seek validation for the wellness information they hear. They aren’t taking the information they gather or advice from their doctors at face value. They’re connecting with others and gaining outside confirmation.
4. Track

Of the 72% of women who track health, diet and activities for themselves and their family, half have changed their behaviors for the better because of the tracking. Tracking apps and wearables such as FitBit are seen as part of their healthcare team.
5. Share

After putting in all of the work these actions require, women are sharing their findings, experiences and results with others. This helps other women in their own quests for information and improved health and provides motivation and accountability for fitness goals.


What Are Women Looking For?

Here's a peek at the health and wellness topics women are looking for when visiting WenMD.
They're searching for information on:

  • Healthy eating

  • Dieting

  • Fitness

  • Stress

  • Blood pressure

  • Sleep

They're interested in:

  • Healthy food coupons

  • Daily tips

  • Health assessments

  • Better habits

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