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July 27, 2015
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Summertime brings the freshness of bright flavors and easy recipes. Join me this week as I highlight 10 interesting and unique flavor and ingredient trends you'll be happy you didn't miss!

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Summer Treats

The summer brings hype around refreshing treats like sorbet and ice cream. This month, several recipes were spotted with fresh and interesting flavor pairings: Lemon Olive Oil Vanilla, Gin and Tonic, Blueberry Lemonade Sage, Peach Lavender Sangria, Black Grape Cognac, Rose Petal Peach Pistachio and Basil Chip. |  Delish, Bon appétit,

Flavor Spotting

Innovative flavor combinations to top your toast, meat and everything in between. Girl Meets Dirt creates jams and jellys by pairing single varietal fruit with organic cane sugar and fresh lemon juice, keeping the ingredient list short. Spoon Preserve flavors include: Italian Plum & Anise Hyssop, Pear Balsamic, Shiro Plum & Mint, Rhubarb Lavender, and Orcas Pear with Fresh Bay. |

Fresh Bubbly

Pét-Nat (Pétillantnaturel) is champagne’s hip younger sister. This bubbly is crafted by taking unfinished wine and bottling it to allow the fermentation process to complete inside the bottle. This is where the bubbles form. Every bottle can slightly fluctuate in fizz and flavor, creating a unique experience. Try Salina Wine Company’s Twenty Five Reasons Vincent Caillé’s ZBulles. | Bon appétit,
Grub Street

New Protein Source

The crickets are chirping about a new source of protein; insects. Entomophagy (insect eating) has found a place in the snacks category where bug protein is on the rise. According to Precision Nutrition, insects can contain up to 75% protein and provide an ecologically sustainable food source. Chapul Cricket Energy Bars are made with cricket powder and include 3 flavors: Thai (ginger, coconut, lime), Aztec (coffee, dark chocolate & cayenne) and Matcha which features a tahini base, matcha green tea powder, goji berries, sesame seeds and nori. | Food Technology

Millennials Favor Organic

86% of Millennials purchased organic products within the past three months and 12% use organic products daily. Additionally, Millennials are twice as likely as other age groups to shop at organic and natural grocery stores. | Food Technology

Regional Flare

Lay’s Do Us A Flavor contest has taken regionality to the next level. Four chip flavors currently in the running have been inspired by specific geographical regions, states and even neighborhoods. Flavors include Kettle Cooked GreekTown Gyro, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, New York Ruben and Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries.  |

Sweet Greens

Sweet potato leaves are one of the newest bunch of greens in the super-food spotlight. Boasting five times the vitamin C of sweet potatoes, these tender leaves are softer and less bitter tasting than kale but just as versatile. Find them at the natural grocers and farmers’ markets near you. (In season May – October.) |  Prevention.

Super-food Substitute

Kamut ( Khorsan wheat) is a nutty-flavored grain, native to the Middle East that is touted for its super-food properties. Packed with omega-3s and high protein, the low calorie grain can help to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar while offering b-vitamins to keep energy levels up. Add as a topping for salad or as a side dish on its own. |  Source

In Season

Cantaloupe is in season! Get creative with these 5 summer recipes: 1. Cantaloupe Skewers with Lime Zest & Chili Powder. 2. Pasta Salad with Cantaloupe, Feta & Dill. 3. Prosciutto Wrapped Cantaloupe with Golden Raisins. 4. Cantaloupe Cooler including coconut water and fresh mint. 5. Cantaloupe-Berry Vanilla Ice Cream Bowl with Olive Oil |  Real Simple

Unexpected Caramel

Health magazine’s Sweet Potato Caramel recipe is simply made with sweet potatoes and water, using a slow cooking process to form a caramel-like consistency. It can be spooned anywhere you normally would use traditional caramel (like ice cream and cake) but also on savory dishes like meat or as a spread.

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