10 Things You Should Know: February

February 29, 2016
Consumer Flavor Ingredients Snacks Trends

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1. The Way the Creepy-Crawly Cookie Crumbles

In an online article posted by the explorative quarterly food journal Lucky Peach, one brave writer baked chocolate chip cookies with an arthropodic twist — using insect flours. In a bake-off between scorpion, cricket, silkworm, and earthworm flours, daring tasters preferred cricket above all. |Lucky Peach|

2. Live Juice

Uncle Matt’s Organic recently launched a new line of juices with added probiotics. With a “digestive boosting turmeric orange juice” variety, an “electrolyte-filled coconut water orange juice variety,” and an “energizing matcha green tea lemonade variety,” consumers looking for a one-stop morning beverage might find them satisfying and nutrient-packed. |Beverage World|

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3. Cocoa Couscous

Couscous isn’t just a savory dinner side dish anymore. Toasting this coarsely ground pasta and adding it to some rich creamy chocolate may become your new favorite crunchy-sweet snack. |Martha Stewart|

4. Sweet Potato

The sweet potato’s versatility is as vast as the human imagination. In the past month we saw this tuber used as a sweetener replacement, in smoothies, cereal, breads, sauces, and even coffee drinks. Unlike its blander less colorful cousin, sweet potatoes have a higher nutritional density, more fiber, and beta carotene. |Food Processing, Cooking Light, Trend Fire|

5. Sheet Pan Dinners

One-sheet-pan suppers are trending for the ultimate simple and delicious meal. Versatility isn’t compromised, with recipes like chicken with roasted broccoli and mushroom rice,  or ancho chile flank steak and sweet potato tacos. |Southern Living|

6. Auriganic Juice

A new 100% juice beverage called Auriganic is made by blending organic Auricularia auricula (wood ear mushroom) with superfruits like antioxidant-rich hawthorn berries and goji berries for liver health. This particular mushroom boasts high levels of polysaccharides, which are known to have heart health benefits. |Beverage Industry|

7. Sweethearts Through the Ages

A Valentine’s Day staple, Sweethearts have been around for over 150 years. As time progressed, so did the messages on the hearts. In the late 1800s the messages were demure: “Your Lips are Like a Rose.” The 1900s gave way to wanton: “Kiss Me” “Be Mine.” The 1950s were Rock ‘N’ Roll: “Hot Dawg” “Sugar Pie.” And the 1990s were sassy: “1-800-CUPID” “As If.” Now, in 2016, social media terms of affection are used: “#love” “txt me” |RealSimple|
Image Source: Necco.com

8. Digital Food Ambassador

New app ipiit provides a new way of smart shopping for consumers. Consumers get assisted shopping information on products in the store by simply scanning the barcode. Users of the app can customize their preferences; this is especially helpful to those with allergies. |Cooking Light|

9. Something Old, Something New

Something borrowed, something blue. This phrase brought about a niche product from Koh Ohsedo, a lightly blue tinted champagne. The blue color comes from blueberry juice, lending a hint of the berry’s flavor to the sparkling beverage. |Beverage World|

10. Vegan Fast Food

As Meatless Mondays expand to Tofu Tuesdays and Fruitarian Fridays, plant-based, vegan-focused options are appearing on more fast food restaurants’ menus. Subway has expanded its vegan subs to more than 1,000 locations, and Taco bell just received certification from the American Vegetarian Association for 13 items on its menu. Not to be outdone, White Castle’s vegan veggie slider recently won a Kind Fast Food Award. |Food Network Magazine|

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