10 Things You Should Know: March

March 28, 2016
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1. Black Tap Milkshakes

Black Tap in New York City is leading milkshake innovation by scoops and bounds. These are no ordinary milkshakes; they defy gravity and are piled high with an unbelievable amount of toppings. Each month the restaurant features special shakes like a Sour Power Milkshake made with sour candy, a Red Velvet Milkshake for Valentine’s Day, and even a special Shark Week creation. |Black Tap|

Photo Credit: Black Tap Instagram

2. Bottle Bungalow

A new sustainable water bottle can be recycled into functional housing tile. Created by the Center for Regenerative Design & Collaboration, the bottles become tiles and interlock to form roofing that can undergo decades of constant environmental exposure. |Beverage World|

3. Breakfast Gets Wild

Wild rice isn’t just a dinner side dish anymore! Innovative restaurant Milktooth of Indianapolis recently featured a porridge breakfast bowl made with wild rice, ancient grains, pomegranate, kiwi, pistachios, and hemp seeds. |Bon Appétit|

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4. Students Don’t Lack Snack

According to an article in Candy & Snack Today, college students make up a significant chunk of consumers that snack. With 70% of students snacking several times a day, companies can target students to secure brand loyalty and favorability. Of note: students’ snack preferences, in order, are: healthy, salty, sweet/candy.

5. Chlorophyll

Now there are even more ways to eat your greens... you can skip them all together and go straight for the chlorophyll, the molecule responsible for a plant’s green color. We saw chlorophyll featured in a yogurt at Croft Alley LA. Chlorophyll is said to help control hunger and cravings, promote healthy iron levels, encourage cell repair, and more. |Bon Appétit|

6. Soup for the Summer

We’re spotting Tio’s gazpachos mentioned in several publications as a good option for summertime soup.  Product claims include being certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. |Food Processing, Cooking Light, Food Technology, and Beverage Industry|

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7. Make it a Doppio

Based on a recent study, the more coffee you drink the lower your risk of death due to cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases or diabetes. Interestingly, the health benefits were present regardless of caffeine content, suggesting that nutrients in coffee play a role.  |Beverage World|

8. Imperfect Produce

A subscription-based company in California named Imperfect Produce delivers “cosmetically-challenged” fruits and veggies to their customers. The company’s goal is to reduce the amount of perfectly good-but-ugly produce that gets thrown away because they aren’t pretty enough to meet grocery store standards. |Trend Fire|

9. Cider vs. Soda Showdown

Hard ciders have fought for the space they claim on shelves and taps. Now, with hard soda brands like Not Your Father’s Root Beer entering the market, consumers are exploring these new yet nostalgic flavors. Cider makers will have to continue to compete for their share of the market. |BevNet|

10. Eat Your Tea

Now you can drink your tea and eat it too. A recipe idea shared on Saveur.com recommend that brewed green tea leaves (such as gyokuro) be dressed with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil then tossed with cooked rice or scrambled eggs. |Saveur|

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