The Beet is On: Beet Trends by the Numbers

March 7, 2016
With appearances in magazines like Bon Appetit and a quadrupling of product launches since 2009, the humble beet is stepping up in the world. Join us as we take a look at restaurant menus, store shelves and both social and traditional media, to see where the beet — and its flavor — are appearing.

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Social and Traditional Media

• While perusing Pinterest, beet pins were spotted with a good variety of food and beverage recipes, especially those for roasting, pickling and salads. Some of the recipes include: beetroot and feta salad, oven-baked beet chips, beet bread with cream cheese and dill swirl and beet and avocado deviled eggs.

• A quick Twitter search provides tweets mentioning beets “Pickle some beets today, enjoy them in salads or on their own all week.” by RachaelRay Every Day and “Beets, it’s what’s for dinner” by Food 52 with a recipe for French Peasant Beets.

• In the January 2016 issue of Good Housekeeping, they highlight the sous vide trend and provide a recipe for Steak Salad with Charred Green Onions and Beets. Tossed with vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper are beets, greens, and radicchio.

• In the January 2016 issue of Bon Appetit is a recipe for a Beet and Carrot Salad With Curry Dressing and Pistachios. They note that smaller beets are ideal for this, since the rounds will fit neatly at the end of the fork.

Beet on the Menu

We found 114 mentions of beet or beet flavor on restaurant menus. The root and its flavor was found most often on fine dining menus.


• Beet Orange Basil Juice, Mansion on Turtle Creek

• Gnudi: Red beet & ricotta dumplings with pancetta & green pea puree, Zio

• Beet Brownie with spiced pistachios and pomegranate maple reduction, T’afia<

• Zucchini Fritters with a beet aioli, The Blue Star

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Beet On the Shelf

We found 903 new products with beet globally, and 120 new beet products in North America. In all regions, new product launches occurred most in the juice drink category.

Global Product Introductions of Note

• Olive Let's Dip Patzarolsalata Beet Root & Yogurt Dip, Thailand

• Cold Pressed Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Beet Juice, Brazil

North American Product Introductions of Note

• Ella's Kitchen Might Strawberry and Red Beet Smoothie Drink

• Bitsy's Brainfood Smart Cookies Orange Chocolate Beet Cookies

Image Source: Mintel GNPD

Sources: Mintel GNPD, Mintel Menu Insights, Bon Appetit, Good Housekeeping, Pinterest, Twitter


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