Flavor Insight: Blood Orange

May 2, 2016
Beverage Flavor Fruit Trends
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Grown primarily around the Mediterranean and now California, this sweet-tart orange has a bright red or redstreaked white flesh. Most blood oranges are best eaten fresh, but the more acidic varieties work well in cooked sauces, salads, salsas or marmalades.

Let’s take a look at the various forms of blood orange on the menu, in social media, and in new products.

Blood Orange Highlights

There are several mentions blood orange in social media. Here are some of the highlights.

• While perusing Pinterest, blood orange pins were spotted with a good variety of food and beverage recipes especially cocktails such as blood orange gin & tonic, blood orange margarita and a blood orange mint mojito. Additional recipes include blood orange scones, blood orange chia seed pudding and candied blood orange slices dipped in dark chocolate.
• A Twitter search shows tweets mentioning blood orange, such as @popsugarfitness “you need to lunch on this blood orange avocado beet salad. Another: chef Marcus Samuelsson @marcuscooks says “what better way to celebrate #NationalMargaritaDay than with a blood orange margarita.”
• On Food.com, 209 recipes appear if you search for blood orange. Recipes include blood orange lemonade, pancakes with a blood orange honey sauce and a blood orange and fennel salad.
• On Instagram, Williams Sonoma shared a picture of a Blood Orange Mai Tai that looks extremely refreshing with the line “why wait till Friday?” We are also spotting blood orange in print publications. Here are some of the highlights.
• The Cook This Now section of the February 2016 Bon Appetit features an article called “There Will Be Blood Oranges.” Showcased are three ways you never thought to use winter citrus including, blood orange jell-o shots, blood orange chia pudding and seared duck breasts with blood orange.
• In the March 2016 issue of Rachael Ray they provide a recipe for a Blood Orange Tequila Sunrise and note that vodka, gin or whiskey would be equally delicious for this fruity drink.

Blood Orange on the Menu
Q3 2009-Q3 2015

• Blood Orange Lemonade, Romano’s Macaroni Grill
• Pistachio Crusted Salmon with Blood Orange Dressing, Elephant Bar Restaurant
• Blood Orange Sangria, Fleming’s Steakhouse & Wine Bar
• Blood Orange Sorbet, Al Biernat’s

Citrus on Fire

“Citrus” is one of those beautiful food words that evokes menu positives for the diner: fresh, zingy, refreshing, tart, bright, healthy, light. Apart from delivering premium menu cues, it’s also a fantastic flavor component, truly bringing all of those words to life. Chefs are now taking citrus to the next level, transforming it with the flavor of fire, giving it depth, nuance and flair while lending it even more menu language power.

Blood Orange Global New Product Introductions

We are spotting 834 new products globally with latin america as the top region. Juices is the top category.

Products of Note

  • Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities
    Blood Orange & Honey Organic  Candy Chews: Singapore

  • Blood Orange Sicilian
    Marmalade: Germany

  • Firm Yogurt with Red
    Orange & Lemon:Netherlands

  • Suntory Radler Beer Style
    Party Label Blood Orange &
    Lemon Beer: Japan

  • Weis’ Sorbet Exotics Blood
    Orange and Tahitian Lime
    Sorbet: Australia

Blood Orange North America New Product Introductions

In North America, we are spotting 127 new products with large growth in 2015. Carbonated soft drinks was the top sub category.

Products of Note

  • Ginger Delights Blood Orange
    Candy Pastilles

  • Holy Kombucha Raw Frizzy
    Blood Orange Probiotic Tea

  • World Market The Exotic
    Collection of Sea Salted
    Chocolate Blood Orange

  • Milk Chocolate Bar
    Amsterdam Brewery Sweetwater
    Squeeze Radler Blood
    Orange Light Beer

  • Wolfgang Greek Style Yogurt
    Treats Blood Orange &
    Mango Yogurt Treats



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