10 Things You Should Know: June

June 27, 2016
Consumer Flavor Trends

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1. Jackfruit Barbeque

Pull out your slow cooker to try the latest, greatest meat substitute. The May 2016 issue of Vegetarian Times showcases a recipe for low and slow jackfruit barbeque that uses this new whole-food meat alternative that is making waves in veg and vegan circles. |Vegetarian Times

2. Golden Child, Brown Butter is a Chef’s Secret Weapon

Butter is good. Brown butter is better. Cooked to the boundary between caramelized and burnt, it’s nutty and complex, the sultry signature flavor in French classics. Today, brown butter isn’t just for Francophiles. We’ve seen it as a glaze for wok-fried Brussel sprouts at Chicago’s Mott St and infused into bourbon for the Good Ol’ Boy cocktail at The Bonnie in Astoria, NY. |Bon Appétit

3. Ugly Food is Hot

When it comes to fresh produce, most of us behave like Goldilocks: We want it all to look just right. That pickiness contributes to truckloads of food waste each year. One effort to reverse trend: Whole Foods Market has partnered with Imperfect Produce — a startup that delivers “ugly” produce to your door at a low cost — in Northern California locations. Next time you’re shopping, remember: As far as nutrition goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! | Health

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4. Eat S’more Chocolate!

Researchers recently found that habitually eating dark or milk chocolate can boost brain function. Chocolate eaters scored higher on memory, organizing and reasoning tests than those who rarely ate chocolate. Researchers link these brain benefits to the flavonols in chocolate. |Food Network Magazine

5. Get Your Beauty Greens

A new crop of products pack superfoods like spirulina and kale to refresh your hair and skin. We are spotting energizing eucalyptus in a shampoo and conditioner, soothing aloe in a lip therapy, exfoliating Echinacea in a scrub, a broccoli mask, purifying kale detox face wipes and a spirulina foaming face mask. | Health

6. Travel Anywhere, Eat Ramen

There was a time when ramen was niche, but the country has officially gone Ramen-crazy. Whether you’re in Denver or Kansas City, you cannot chuck a six-minute egg without hitting some new Japanese soup joint. The May 2016 edition of Bon Appétit features eight different cities, with eight ways to slurp up America’s new favorite noodle soup. | Bon Appétit

7. Rambutans

Don’t let the spiky exterior put you off- the fruit within is juicy, sweet and fresh-tasting, Similar to lychees but larger, tarter and more floral, rambutans are at their peak in the summer. We spotted a recipe for a Rambutan Mojito in Fine Cooking magazine. Want a cocktail with a refreshing fruity flavor? mix one up today.

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8. Floral Arranging

When steeped in water, dried hibiscus flowers sometimes called flor de Jamaica (pronounced hah-MY-ka) or red sorrel, make a tart, ruby-colored tea. But there are plenty of other ways to use it. Crush and add to softened butter to make a tangy topping for grilled fish. Grind to a powder and mix into your favorite spice rub to add a bright fruity note. Use whole flowers to decorate cupcakes to lend colorful contrast. Add a handful to heavy cream, let steep, then strain and whip into a magenta-hued cake topper. |Bon Appétit

9. A Toast to Avocado

This trendy ingredient is filled with skin-softening and brightening benefits and we are spotting avocado in a whole slew of beauty products. From soaps, eye treatments, moisturizers and even lip treatments—avocado is for much more than just guacamole! |Cooking Light

10. What the Fluff?

It’s Kerfluffle—a combination of GMO-free, no-stir peanut butter with a ribbon of natural, artisan spreadable marshmallow all fluffled up. A childhood favorite—now better for you and in a single jar! Try it on toast or even right off the spoon.

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