10 Things You Should Know: August

August 29, 2016
Beverage Flavor Summer Trends
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1. Cucamelons

The cucamelon is a type of cucumber with a citrusy flavor. Native to Mexico and Central America, the taste is starting to take root in the U.S. Cucamelons grow to be about the size of a grape and they look like tiny, baby watermelons. When you find them in your local farmers' market, you’ll see firsthand: Cucamelons are adorable. | Huffington Post

2. Beets Everywhere!

Globally beet flavored items grew 78% from 2014-2015, with promised growth to continue in 2016. We are spotting beets just about everywhere including a recipe in Cooking Light for Golden Beet Nachos. This recipe uses the beets as a replacement for the tortilla chips for a unique twist.

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3. Spritz It

The cocktail that rules the summer is the spritz: refreshingly bubbly, low proof and slightly bitter. At the Normandie Club in L.A., Devon Tarby’s grapefruit-inflected version is so popular, customers order it by the bottle. | Food & Wine

4. Tea + Beer

Tea-based cocktail mixer brand Owl’s Brew has introduced its first line of ready-to-drink products. Dubbed “Owl’s Brew Radlers,” the new beverages are made with premium light beer, fresh-brewed organic tea and infused with real fruits and botanicals. | BevNet

5. Eat Your Feelings

“Emotional eating” is taking on a whole new meaning. New milk chocolates from Lindt are wrapped to look like emojis. | Food Network

6. Go Nitro

The best brewmasters and baristas have learned that the odorless gas nitrogen can make coffee and beer even more delightful. For beer, it provides a silky mouthfeel and smooth flavor. For coffee, it mimics the creamy texture and consistency of stout beer and makes the flavor deliciously rich. | Cooking Light

7. Fruit Refreshers

Fruit cups are all grown up. Del Monte’s Fruit refreshers are one serving of fruit, no HFCS with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. They are described as “unexpected flavors, exciting combinations, refreshing fruit waters.” Available are mandarin oranges in coconut water and pineapple in passion fruit water.

8. Sudden Coffee

Sudden is all about making great coffee easy, fun and accessible. The company buys coffee from farmers and roasters they know and trust and turn those beans into instant powder using their top secret process. Each individual tube is handcrafted like a micro-roaster would individual bag. | Sudden Coffee

9. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice season is nearly in full swing. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios have hit the shelf. They are made with pumpkin puree and will be on store shelves in the next few weeks and available through December.

10. Thunderbolt

As cooling caffeine-delivery systems go, your standard issue cold brew is pretty hard to beat. Hard…but, it turns out, not impossible. Consider the Thunderbolt, an icy, tart, fresh drink that’s just a simple combo of espresso and lemonade. Coffee and soda hybrids of all stripes might just be the “it” drinks of the summer. | Real Simple
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