10 Things You Should Know: September

September 26, 2016
Consumer Flavor Trends
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1. Sriracha is Still on Fire

This once hidden gem of a condiment is still growing around the globe. From 2015 to August 2016, there was a 42% increase in sriracha flavored global new product introductions. Top product categories include sauces and snacks, but we are also spotting beverages in North America and ice cream in Australia. | Mintel

2. Forbidden Fruit

Guard your fruit snacks, kids: new research has found that in family households, parents eat 60% of them! | Packaged Facts

3. Pencil It In

Two favorite pastimes—Instagramming and coloring—have finally crossed paths: the company Color Me Book will turn your photos (say, of last night’s dinner or your epic cheese board) into a booklet of line drawings for you to color. | Food Network

4. Pizza ATM

Xavier University has installed a pizza vending machine on campus in an effort to try and meet the late night pizza cravings of their students. Customers simply walk up to the machine and make your order. Three minutes later the pizza is delivered through a slot and into the hands of the student. | USA Today

5. Green Coffee

Sunup Green Coffee is made from organic green coffee and cane sugar. They skip the roasting process and the result is coffee that tastes fresh and light. It is brighter in color and lighter on your tongue than roasted coffee, and smoother going down.

6. Fast, Fresh & Healthy Meal Options—from the refrigerator section

Cooking Light recently launched fully cooked entrees that, when paired with a few simple ingredients, can become a wholesome delicious meal in no time. One option is Seared Chicken Margherita with recommended pairings of whole wheat pasta, fresh basil and parmesan cheese to become a one pot meal.
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7. Rosé Chocolate

Compartés produces Roses & Rosé, a white chocolate bar mixed with Rosé wine and crystallized rose petals. This boozy, adult spin delivers a fancy note, but the company also produces a variety of throwback, nostalgic chocolate bars including Cereal Bowl, Donuts & Coffee, Animal Cookies, and Caramelized Popcorn. | Food & Wine

8. Gone Nuts

The coffee world presents an abundance of choices: latte or flat white? Ethiopian or Columbian? Now shops are showing up soy and almond milks with nuttier milk alternatives. There is pistachio and hazelnut at D.C.’s Pineapple and Pearls, cashew at Corvus Coffee Roasters in Denver, oat at Baker Miller in Chicago, and macadamia at L.A.’s Go Get Em Tiger. | Bon Appetit

9. Caramel Corn on the Cob

For the month of August, Portland-based scoop shop, Salt & Straw, released a flavor just in time for the fair: Caramel Corn on the Cob. The ice cream flavor is made by sautéing fresh corn kernels (from local Viridian Farms) in salted brown butter, then juicing the kernels before adding a bit of cream and a caramel drizzle.

10. Dried Lime

Preserved lemons have caught some attention, and now dried limes are finding their footing, propelled by a big flavor story. In the Middle East, small limes are boiled in a salt brine, then dried until rock hard. We are spotting them on the appetizer menu at The Radler in Chicago where they are featured with Grilled Asparagus with flaked salt cod, pretzel croutons, lemon truffle vinaigrette, dusted with powdered dried lime. | Flavor & the Menu

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CONTACT OUR SALES SERVICE DEPARTMENT at 630.578.8600 to request a flavor sample or visit www.fona.com.