10 Things You Should Know: February Edition

February 27, 2017
Beverage Consumer Dessert
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1.  Hostess Ice Cream

Twinkies are one of the most beloved snacks out there. The only possible way to make them better is to turn it into an ice cream mash-up. They are offering Twinkie, Sno balls and Cupcake ice cream flavors for a limited time. Go grab yours!


2.  Cashewgurt

Forager Project has introduced of a new line of Dairy-free Drinkable Cashewgurts. They have combined the benefits of dairy-free with organic creamy cashews to produce a drinkable yogurt alternative bursting with probiotics. Flavors include: wild blueberry and strawberry. |BevNet


3.  Cold Front

Americans have officially fallen for gelato, as you might have guessed from all the options in the freezer section. Last year, US sales of the Italian treat increased 32%. Gelato is indeed different than ice cream—it is churned more slowly, so the finished product is denser and has less fat. | Food Network


4.  Get Your Guac On

Avocados aren’t just awesome on tacos or toast. They’re packed with beauty-boosting nutrients, too. All Recipes is spotting avocado in a variety of beauty products—everything from eye cream, pre-shampoo hair treatments and hand moisturizers.


5.  Inna Jam

Here’s a spread that stands apart. The California product uses only organic, seasonal produce sourced within 150 miles of its kitchen. Flavors include: Meyer lemon, Fresno chile, Hungarian pepper and quince. | Cooking Light


6.  Maple

This sweet, rich nectar works wonders with more than just pancakes and waffles. Cooking Light magazine recommends both sweet and savory combinations such as: Maple Bacon Kale Salad, Maple Glazed Salmon and Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes.


7.  On the Hunt

For a good deal. Many Millennials are looking for deals and to comparison shop, but it mostly takes place online as they use their mobile devices to research (89%) and find online coupons, often right in the aisle of the grocery store. | Hartman Group


8.  Dinner’s in the Mail

If it seems like you are getting an offer for a new meal-kit delivery company every week, it’s probably because you are. Companies that deliver ready-to-cook meal kits had $1 billion in global sales in 2015, about 40% was in the US. There are now at least 170 such services worldwide and they are expected to become a multi-billion dollar market in the next 5 years.  | All Recipes


9.  WastED Pop-Ups

Chef Dan Barber is taking his fight to reduce food waste to London. His WastED pop-ups will occupy a rooftop space and he will partner with chefs throughout UK and Europe to serve daily specials. Ingredients will be sourced from local producers across the food industry. The previous WastED pop-up claims to have served 600 pounds of “ugly vegetables,” 150 pounds of kale ribs, 900 pounds of waste-fed pigs and much more. | Eater


10.  Shower Beer

This new brew is hitting shower stalls today—created as a collaboration between Swedish craft brewery PangPang and creative agency Snask, Shower Beer is brewed specifically for shower consumption. The beer is only half the size of a typical bottled/canned beer at about 6 ounces, or three gulps. This was intended to be a one-time limited offer, but sold out so quickly that the company is brewing another batch. | Food and Wine


Click here to download the report!


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