10 Things You Should Know: August

August 28, 2017
Consumer Flavor Trends 10-Things
This month, we're tracking caffeine-infused bagels, ghee popcorn and eggplant jerky. It's the 10 Things You Should Know for the month of August, coming at you!

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1. Giant Vending Machine

Walmart is trying to make it easier to pick up online grocery orders. They are testing a giant self-service kiosk in the parking lot of a supercenter in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, where customers can pick up online grocery orders without interacting with employees. | Business Insider
2. Oh My Ghee!

Oh My Ghee is the first organic popcorn made with organic grass fed ghee. The clarified butter comes all the way from New Zealand. The smooth flavor is said to be easier on the digestive system than butter. | Prepared Foods

3. Limited Time Offer

Your age that may play a role in your decision to try a limited-time offer at a restaurant, In fact, half of Millennial & Gen Z consumers go to a specific restaurant with a specific LTO in mind, while Baby Boomers tend to make a decision when they are at a restaurant. | Datassential
4. Tri-Cup

Can’t decide what beverage you would like today? Sweet Cup in California offers a tri-cup where you can have three of your favorite beverages in one. No worries about spilling — this cup comes with a special lid and three straws. | Sweet Cup
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5. Avocado Toast Transformed

Farm Rich has taken the beloved avocado toast trend to a whole new level by introducing avocado slices to the freezer section. The Hass avocados are coated in an ancho chile pepper breading and paired with a jalapeno ranch dipping sauce. | Farm Rich
6. Bagel + Caffeine

Combination has morphed into one super breakfast item you didn’t know you needed. Einstein Bros. just debuted its new Espresso Buzz Bagel, which boasts 32 mg of caffeine baked right in. It’s one of the brand’s three new “boosted bagels,” including a protein- and thiamine-enhanced bagel and another that comes with a heaping serving of omega 3. | Huffington Post

7. Eggplant Jerky

Power Plant is a savory plant-based snack made with organic eggplants. 100% vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. Inspiration came when the company’s founder tasted eggplant bacon at a vegan potluck and created his own original eggplant jerky recipe. | Power Plant Foods
8. Tipsy Scoop

Tipsy Scoop blends the magic of an artisanal, hand-crafted ice cream with the mastery of a perfectly mixed cocktail. Their liquor infused ice cream flavors are all inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails and are made with local and seasonal ingredients. Some of the flavors include: raspberry limoncello sorbet, cake batter vodka martini and chocolate stout & pretzel.         | Tipsy Scoop
9. Bloody Mary, Refreshed

A new trend in Bloody Marys replaces the bottle mix for tomato nectar. Heirloom tomatoes are blended, strained and seasoned with sea salt, a squeeze of citrus and fish juice. | Saveur
10. Unicorn Unlimited?

The love of unicorns is real, but when does that ‘love’ go too far? Even plain noodles are getting jazzed up, in favor of cutesy electric blue and pink tinted udon. Google recorded approximately 2,643,000 searches of ‘unicorn noodles’ in May 2017 and a further 8,752,860 searches of ‘unicorn food’. It seems the unicorn trend isn’t going anywhere fast. | Social Chain


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