Flavor Insight: Beets

May 30, 2018
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Meat alternatives. Healthy indulgence. Refreshing juice drinks. Savory Snacks. What can’t this little root do?

The beetroot is the taproot of the beet plant usually known in North America as the beet, table beet, garden beet, red beet or golden beet. Besides being a food, the beet serves as a natural food coloring and as a medicinal plant, and usage dates back to the Middle Ages. We’re seeing beetroot appear in a host of products and recipes – from savory mini beetroot falafel to sweet healthy red velvet beetroot pancakes. Let’s take a look at the various forms of beetroot on the menu, in social media and in new products.

Print & Social Media Highlights

There are several mentions of beetroot in social and print media. Here are some of the highlights.

• While scrolling through Pinterest, beetroot pins appear in a wide variety of food and beverage recipes especially savory dishes. These pins include beetroot chocolate cake, beetroot and gin cured salmon, beetroot curry, beetroot, fetta and thyme tart, beet hummus toast with avocado, and a pink beetroot latte.

• A Twitter search shows beet posts, including this one by @pantrychef “we’re already tasting new recipes for our boxing day menu including beetroot risotto fetta crumble.” Also mentioned by @DliciousRcipss is “Beetroot and lentil salad with wasabi caviar.”

• The November issue of Cooking Light features several recipes that include beetroot. Among these recipes are Beet chips with Turmeric-Yogurt Dip and a Tricolor Beet-and-Carrot salad for a nutritious yet beautiful holiday spread.

• On Genius Kitchen, formerly food.com, 149 recipes appear when you search for beetroot. Recipes include white toast with cheddar and beetroot, beetroot and horseradish dip, harissa lamb kebabs with beetroot hummus, smoked salmon with beetroot & vodka crème, and beetroot risotto.

Beetroot on the Menu

We're spotting 140 mentions of beet root on menus nationwide. Fine/Upscale dining is the top restaurant segment, with appetizer, entrée and dessert as the top three menu sections with the most peach flavored items. Appetizers account for 41% of all beetroot flavored menu items.

Menu Mentions

• Fig and Roasted Beet Salad with shaved fennel, sunflower brittle, bleu cheese yogurt and lemon-beet vinaigrette at Prospect.

• Baby Beets & Citrus is marinated baby beets, goat cheese mousse, candied pecans, citrus, arugula, yellow beet gastrique, and fennel pollen vinaigrette at David Burke Kitchen.

• Roasted Red and Gold Beet Salad served with mixed greens, shaved fennel and beet top pesto at Bayona Restaurant.

• Roasted Beet Hummus and Falafel Bowl includes house made chickpea falafel, Kalamata olives, quinoa, feta and mint drizzle at the Rattlesnake Club.

Un"beet"able Energy

Looking for sustainable energy and muscle recovery all in one product? Look no further than beetroot. Scientists have concluded that the consumption of beetroot juice after a workout dramatically improves recovery time and also improved performance after strenuous exercise two days later. Additionally, its nitrate content and ability to dilate blood vessels during exercises delivers more oxygen, glucose and amino acids to muscles during exercise.

Global New Product Introductions

• Globally, we're spotting 1,470 product introductions using the taste of beet root.

• EUROPE is the top global region for beetroot new product introductions with 63% of all new products.

• JUICE is the top product sub-category globally for beetroot flavored new products.

• HORSERADISH is the top flavor paired with beetroot.

Products of Note

• Fazer Leipomot Oat Breat with Carrot and Beetroot: is hand baked on the site using flour produced by the company owned mill. Finland

• Aloha Poke Hawaiian Salad with Golden Beetroot & Tofu Poke: includes golden beetroot, tofu, wakame seaweed salad, red pepper, edamame beans, rocket and spring onion with sesame dressing. UK

• Go Pure Fruit & Veggies Organic Apple, Beetroot & Parsnip Chips: are gluten free, vegan, rich in fiber and made from organic fruits and veggies salted with sea salt. Germany

• Strong Roots Beetroot & Bean Burger: made with kidney beans, beetroot and bulgur wheat and described as perfectly seasoned and full of flavor. UK

North America New Product Introduction

• In North America, we're spotting 207 product introductions using the taste of beet root.
• NORTH AMERICA accounts for 14% of all beetroot flavored new product introductions.
• JUICE is the top product sub-category for beetroot flavored new products.
• BANANA is the top flavor paired with beetroot.

Products of Note

• Wholly Veggie! Southwest Beet Veggie-full Patties: these patties are bursting with beets and provide at least one serving of vegetables and legumes. Canada

• Presidents Choice Raspberry Beet Fruit, Veggie & Oat BarsPRESIDENT’S CHOICE RASPBERRY BEET FRUIT, VEGGIE & OAT BARS: naturally flavored, certified organic snack bars made with the goodness of fruit, veggies, wholegrain oats and chia seeds. Canada

• Larabar Turmeric, Ginger & Beet Nutrition Bar: this product is certified organic and one bar is equal to a third of a cup of fruit and is made from 100% real food. USA

• Rhythm Superfoods Cinnamon & Coconut Beet Chips: they are said to be a delight with the natural sweetness of beets and are a good source of potassium. USA

The Takeaways

The health benefits of beet are apparent. As nearly every segment of consumer grows more health conscious, it may just be an ingredient and a taste worth testing out. Versatile and accessible, beet root is appearing in a variety of segments while always carrying that “healthy halo.” Whether you end up tackling the inherent taste challenges of a beet ingredient base, or infusing beet root flavor in a product, taste is key.

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