10 Things You Should Know: July

July 26, 2018
Consumer Flavor 10-Things
Taco 'bout trends! Orange wine, loco moco, green banana flour and taco emojis – it’s the 10 Things You Should Know this month, coming your way.

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1.  The Fry’s the Limit

Chefs are personalizing the French fry with fun new shapes and bold flavors. From waffle fries with berbere salt, waffle-like strips, battered and fried rings and substituting ketchup for nori flakes and tons of toppings—the traditional French fry is reintroducing itself. | Food & Wine

2. Museum of Ice Cream Pints

A year in the making, this debut ice cream line is taking inspiration from their most celebrated memories, and the fun of their favorite experiences to create 7 unique flavors. They combined rich and decadent flavors and ingredients for flavors like chocolate crush, piñata, sprinkle pool, nana banana and more. | MOIC.com

3. Island Favorites

By now, diners are more than familiar with poke which has been sweeping the fast,-casual segment. Now, another popular Hawaiian comfort food is gaining traction on menus: loco moco. It is a mound of white rice topped with a hamburger patty and sunny side up up, smothered in gravy. You can find a modern spin on the menu at Eureka! in Las Vegas. | Nation’s Restaurant News

4. World Emoji Day

Emojis have spiced up our texts and there is even a World Emoji Day to celebrate our communication without words. A new batch of emojis will debut soon, but ever wonder what the top food emoji is? The taco! With the birth of taco Tuesdays and t-shirts expressions like “Feed Me Tacos & Tell Me I’m Pretty” the taco emoji is getting used plenty! | Eater

5. Green Banana Flour

New flour sources like oat and almond are becoming popular, but as consumers are looking for ways to stay fuller longer, green banana flour just might be the key. They are extremely high in resistant starch—a starch that does not digest but still causes a “full” feeling. And the ingredient is inherently gluten-free. | Mixer Direct

6. Unfamiliar Food

51% of consumers say they are willing to try a new, unfamiliar food if it provides a health benefit. The lesson to product developers? Go bold with healthy intros to stand out. | Prevention

7. Taste of Summer

Yoplait is taking their summer seasonal offering to the next level with their “Tastes of Summer” flavors. New flavors include: Cherry Sno Cone, Rainbow Sherbet, Watermelon and Root Beer Float. | Yoplait

8. Adult Sippy Cups

It looks like the plastic straw may be going the way of the fax machine and fountain pen: Starbucks announced plans to nix straws at all of their stores by 2020. Starbucks estimates that this move will eliminate the use of 1 billion plastic straws per year. | Eater

9. Pho

According to Google Trends, Pho is definitely gaining a huge audience. This Vietnamese dish has been growing at a consistent rate with consumer interest growing over time. Pho is outpacing soba in google searches with a 93% consumer interest level. | Google

10. See ya, rosé!

There’s a new it drink of summer—orange wine. It is essentially a white wine made like a red wine. Orange wine is made from white grapes but the skins mingle with the juices a bit longer, providing a unique hue and possibly a higher antioxidant content. Cheers to summer! | Health

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