This is Our Time

July 1, 2018
By Amy McDonald, FONA President

Everyone at FONA has heard me say “This is our time.”

Since becoming FONA’s president, a role I’m humbled and honored to have, it’s become a bit of a theme for us. I’ve shared regular updates with the FONA family about what exactly our time means. What actions can bring us forward to securing that future? Now I’m happy to share these thoughts with you as well.

This is our time. It’s something I truly believe. As FONA grows in new and unprecedented ways, our eyes and minds must continue to seek “what’s next.” FONA’s winning and growing attitude, our speed and responsiveness, our values focus, and our wonderful people are a combination like no other. We challenge the status quo and dare to be different. It’s in our DNA.

What I've discovered is that the essence of our charge is navigating waters that so many others have failed to navigate. The future means moving from the visionary entrepreneurship of the Slawek family to taking on a world of scale and complexity.

My advice to other businesses going through similar transition...

  1. Make your core principles stand like a rock, unchanging

  2. Be flexible and agile enough to grow and change everything else.

In today's world, everything is moving at a breakneck pace. Everything is changing. It is our time. That means at FONA, making sure we know what to hold tight... and what to reinvent. 

In the coming weeks we'll share our experiences here, with the goal of helping you navigate your own complex waters. You’ll hear from me and other FONA leaders, so check back regularly or follow us on social media to see the latest articles. After all, this is your time, too.

  • Creating a great workplace for all: There is no band-aid approach to employee engagement

  • Caring culture & business results: They go hand in hand

  • Breaking the Innovation Cycle Status Quo: To truly innovate, redefine the word itself.

  • Iterative learning. You must make adjustments along the way to succeed

  • Consistent, Persistent, and Insistent: A leadership model for growth

Does any of this play a role in your business? Any complex waters you're navigating? We're always happy to hear from you. Email or visit