10 Things You Should Know: September Edition

September 21, 2018
Beverage Flavor Trends 10-Things
Upscale ranch dressing, lemon bar tea, carrot cake spread and blurred lines in beverage. It’s the 10 Things you need to know for September, coming your way.

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1. Coca-Cola & Cannabis

Coke is in talks with Aurora Cannabis Inc. to develop beverages infused with CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. CBD is said to relieve pain but without the intoxication of THC. | Bloomberg

2. A Side of Ranch

The New York Times took an in-depth look at ranch recently. The dressing is the most popular in the U.S. and high-end restaurants like Charter Oak in Napa Valley are attempted new twists on the taste.

3. Beverage, Expanded

The lines are getting blurred in beverages. Pepsi’s in dairy, tea, coffee, and juice and Anheuser Busch is selling RTD tea and sparkling water. No longer are beverage producers “staying in their own lane.” | Wall Street Journal

4. Peckish

January 2019 will bring the launch of Peckish, a fresh snacking platform centered around eggs. “Peck packs” include two fully cooked eggs with unique flavors and toppings, like maple waffle and rancheros. | Nosh

5. Joybol Smoothie Bowl

Launched to bring joy back to breakfast, joybol is a simple (just add water), portable, smoothie bowl! It combines layers of flavor and creamy and crunchy textures like fruit, nuts, seeds and 10-11g protein. Flavors include: mango coconut chia, strawberry almond quinoa crunch and others. | joybol foods

6. Sour Skettles Beer

Barrell Brothers Brewing Company recently debuted their Sour Skettles Kettle Sour Gose with Pink Guava that is supposed to taste like that iconic chewy candy. | Barrell Brothers

7. Lemon Bar Tea

7-Eleven has been an innovation wheel house introducing all sorts of new products and flavors to their stores. One new product innovation is a Lemon Bar Tea described as “the sweet sip of lemon bar flavor with a creamy, black tea finish.”

8. Amazon Go Now Open in Chicago

Chicago’s first Amazon Go store opened Sept. 17. At the launch, shoppers seemed to take their time selecting grab-and-go food items and get used to walking out without formally paying—a little different experience for normally time-crunched shoppers. | Chicago Tribune

9. Golden Turmeric Cereal

The new, hot ingredient turmeric has made its way to cold cereal. Nature’s Oath Organic recently launched called “Golden Turmeric Cereal” made with coconut, turmeric, cinnamon and honey.

10. Carrot Cake Spread

Trader Joe’s is taking your traditional carrot cake and adding a twist by creating a carrot cake spread. It is recommended that it can be used on toast, crackers and even charcuteries.


Click here for the full report!

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