10 Things You Should Know: November Edition

November 19, 2018
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The West Coast digs pumpkin, Twinkies go artisanal and salt gets some added flavor. All that and so much more in our 10 Things You Should Know This Month – coming right up.

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1. Flavor of the Month

Looks like one side of the country is more obsessed with pumpkin than the other: last fall, diners on the West Coast ordered nearly 350% more pumpkin flavored dishes and drinks from the food delivery service Grubhub that their East Coast counterparts. | Food Network


2. Artisanal “Twinkies”

Jae NYC Eats provides unique, homemade, and artisanal based goods and treats. They are most known for their Twinkie inspired desserts called Cakies that are made in a more delicious fashion with very unique flavors like ube, pandan coconut, and jackfruit with fruity pebbles—taking your beloved childhood lunchbox treat up a notch. | Thrillist

3. VenCycling

Coca-Cola China has launched VenCycling machines – vending machines that use facial recognition technology to identify and reward consumers who recycle. In exchange for returning used cans or plastic bottles into the machine, consumers receive credits on their phones for beverages or products made from recycled plastics. | Mintel

4. Taiwan in the Spotlight

A new wave of Taiwanese food is hitting New York & LA. You are most familiar with bubble tea and steamed buns but new offerings like high texture oyster omelets, stinky tofu, flies’ head (pork shoulder with fermented black beans are just some of the new menu items are being spotted.| Baum + Whiteman


5. Sam’s Club Now

Following Amazon’s lead, Sam’s Club is working on opening a members-only club in Dallas that will have shopping powered by a smartphone. There will be no checkout lines and a smaller store footprint, but meeting the need for speed that consumers are looking for. | Taste of Home

6. Maple Stream

Coombs Family Farms is now offering sprayable organic maple syrup in a can—same maple syrup, but they say it’s way more fun! All the delicious maple syrup, but less mess for those weekend pancakes. | Coombs Family Farms

7. Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwich

Trader Joe’s just launched Mini Stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches. They are caramel waffle cookies filled with salted caramel ice cream. Dessert tonight, just got way more delicious. | Image source: Instagram @candyhunting

8. Tahitian Vanilla

The top growing global flavor from 2017-2018 YTD is Tahitian Vanilla—even with the expense of the pure extract. Consumers love the classic flavor profile in everything from ice cream, yogurt, protein beverages and even popcorn in Germany! | Mintel GNPD


9. Yogurt Honoring Veterans

For Veteran’s Day this year, Chobani introduced a special yogurt to honor veterans and is helping raise $1 million to aid military families. “Hero Batch, Red, White & Blueberry” Greek yogurt was created by veterans working at Chobani and is available nationwide. | Food Dive

10. Flavored Salts

Spice Islands has developed a line of premium salts and spice blends to give consumers the opportunity to easily and quickly create flavor-filled, international dining experiences at home. There are four new varieties: Merlot Salt, Black Truffle, Pink Himalayan Salt and Za’atar Salt. | Food Processing


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