White Paper: The Role of Your Flavor Supplier in the Drug Master File Process

February 12, 2019
Healthcare Health

A fundamental part of successful collaborations between pharmaceutical companies and flavor suppliers is the sharing of vital information. While this transfer of knowledge and expertise is necessary to driving innovation, there must be a clear understanding of upholding the integrity of intellectual property for both parties. When a pharmaceutical company submits a product to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for review, they may request confidential information like formulas from their flavor suppliers. To protect the supplier’s intellectual property, the FDA created the Drug Master File (DMF) submission process that allows the flavor supplier to provide this sensitive information to the agency, while also ensuring intellectual property remains secure. But what exactly does the DMF process entail? And how would you work with your flavor supplier during this process?

Click below for a guide to the DMF process and the role your flavor supplier should play. Reach out if there's anything more you need!


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