10 Things You Should Know: March Edition

March 20, 2019
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1. Like a Dorito, but Keto

They don’t claim to be Doritos, but about as close to carb-friendly Doritos as you can get. Newly released kale chips by Rhythm are “dried, never fried” and come in classic Dorito-esque flavors, like “Kool Ranch” and “Zesty Nacho,” and state they have no genetically modified ingredients. | Thrillist

2. Cool as a Cauliflower

The brand Peekaboo has released a chocolate ice cream that contains cauliflower, and “veggies in every bite”. As Mintel notes, it’s a product that shouldn’t work, but does.  The cauliflower is a hidden ingredient and this brand is positioned “for those who know they should be eating more vegetables.”

3. Amazon Grocery

The Amazon expansion continues. Moving beyond Amazon Go Stores and the Whole Foods acquisition, the company is forecasted to open grocery stores across the US in many major cities and is exploring the idea of expanding even further through purchase of regional grocery chains. The first grocery store is reported to be in Los Angeles and open by the end of 2019. |The Food Institute

4. Keto Broth Bowls

Bonafide Provisions released their new frozen Keto Broth Bowls that are available in paper, heat-and-go cups. This new product is meant to be a healthy, “ketogenic,” and convenient meal filled with healthy fats and protein. | NOSH

5. Mobile Restaurant Apps

According to The NPD Group, the majority of digital food orders, 6 out of 10, are by mobile apps. Customers are drawn to using mobile apps because of incentives to save money or earn rewards. Third-party apps are also commonly used and are convenient for consumers to compare price ranges and have a variety of choices all on one app.

6. Oodles of Zoodles

Connected to the veggie-centric trend, variations of vegetarian noodles are hitting local grocery stores everywhere. Along with zucchini noodles, companies are creating noodles from beets, carrots, and butternut squash that can be found in the freezer section of grocery stores. | Better Homes & Garden

7. Korean Staple - Shilgochu

As Korean dishes are becoming more popular, Shilgochu, are delicate red chile threads that are a staple in many of these dishes. They’re mainly used as a garnish on meat dishes or a pinch on noodle soups. | Bon Appétit

8. Hemp Yeah!

A new product hitting Whole Foods is Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Organic Granolas. This is a new twist to traditional granola and is offered in 3 varieties: Dark Chocolate, Cranberry, and Honey & Oats. Hemp seeds made our latest ingredient hot list, as are a nutrient rich ingredient with versatility as a snack. | Cooking Light

9.  Instant Coffee Mini-Boom

Many companies are working with independent roasters to promote their convenient coffee products with attractive packaging. Ellie Krupnick at Eater stacked instant offerings from Sudden Coffee and Intelligentsia against other instants like Voilà and Joe, with the former brands taking the taste prize. | Eater

10. Blood Orange Time

Blood Orange season is from December to April, so this is the time to get the most vibrant blood oranges, inside and out. When purchasing, look for firm, heavy ones with blush speckles on the outer skin –  these fruits should have a ripe, deep burgundy color inside. | Rachel Ray Every Day

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