10 Things You Should Know: October Edition

October 23, 2019
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1. Drinks On Demand

Keurig is collaborating with Dr Pepper and Anheuser-Busch In Bev to create an at-home bartending machine called the Drinkworks Drinkmaker. This machine would still use brew pods but instead of coffee, it will have 24 different cocktails. Options include Margaritas, Moscow Mules, ciders and beers, just to name a few. | drinkworks.com

2. Pumpkin Spice Dog Food

The pumpkin spice flavor has become a staple in many consumers’ diets around this time of year and sales reached an all time high last year. However, the fastest growing category for pumpkin spice is not your coffee drinks, it is dog food! | Food Network Magazine

3. Recycled Ocean Plastic

Coca Cola created the first ever bottle made from ocean plastic waste that is part of their new enhanced 2020 recycling program. These bottles are made from plastic that was collected by volunteers during 84 beach cleanups. | Business Insider

4. Not Your Grandpa’s Flavor

Frito-Lay recently did a Snack survey in the US and they found that consumers are demanding more flavor variety in their snack options. The results are probably not your grandparents’ preference, but they included Tahini, Seaweed and Turmeric. | Frito-Lay

5. Insect Protein

The producer of Chicken of the Sea tuna, Thai Union, just invested in a startup company that produces insect protein, Flying Spark. Flying Spark uses Ceratitis capitata larvae, also known as a Mediterranean fruit fly, to create a 70% protein powder with almost no waste. | Food Dive

6. SPAM Pumpkin Spice

Spam has teased pumpkin spice in past years, but this year they announced that they really will have a Limited Edition, SPAM Pumpkin Spice flavor. This product was available on SPAM.com and Walmart.com in two-packs. It sold out in under 7 hours from the release time. | Yahoo! Finance

7. Edible Reese’s Cookie Dough

7-Eleven is now selling Edible cookie dough that is made with Reese’s Butter Cups. You can eat this dissolve-in-your-mouth snack raw out of the container or you can also bake them as well. | BestProducts.com

8. Gluten-Free Beer

Over the years, gluten-free options have permeated snack and bread aisles and now there are a handful of gluten-free Beer options as well. Companies have made great strides to create these types of beer that don’t skip out on flavor, some products to note are: Two Brothers Prairie Path, High Hops Puckerberry, and Glutenberg Gose. | Thrillist

Trader Joe's

9. It’s Squash Season!

Trader Joe’s has a new refrigerated salad kit that has “fall” written all over it. Their Leafy Greens with Butternut Squash salad kit includes arugula, baby spinach, Lolla Rosa, radicchio & Frisee featuring butternut squash. | Trader Joe’s

10. CBD Halloween Treats

As CBD trends continue to soar, the newest fad for adults is to move away from the typical Halloween candy and indulge in CBD-infused sweets. Some trending ideas are organic peanut butter cups and gourmet chocolate bars. | Pop Sugar

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