10 Things You Should Know: Pet Care Edition

October 23, 2019
Pet-Care 10-Things
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1. Take the Edge Off

CBD edibles are typically developed for human consumption but that’s quickly changing. Companies are starting to launch human-grade CBD supplements for both dogs & cats. They are purported to relieve pain, stress and relax your pet. CertaPet recently released dog bites that come in flavors such as roasted peanut butter,coconut and turmeric and CibaPet came out with CBD pastiles for cats | Mintel GNPD and Cibapet.com

2.Dog Days

A new orally administered calming supplement for dogs was designed to reduce stress, tension and nervousness which, for dogs can come from thunderstorms, road trips, or loud noises. The product is composed of oil blends, natural herbs and spices and contains L-theanine which is said to create a relaxation effect. | VetriScience.com

3. Absolutely Purrfect

Rachel Ray recently launched a new product line so that cats can enjoy soup along with their owners. Her Rachel Ray Nutrish® “Purrfect Broths” are said to be lickable delicacies for cats. included in the line are: Tasty Tuna, Classic Chicken and Creamy Chicken Bisque. Taste and textures advertised to delight even the finickiest of felines. | Mintel GNPD

4. Pure Pet Fuel

Dogs can now be ride the keto wave with KetoMCT Oil that is non-GMO and contains no sugars, artificial preservatives, colors or additives. Recently released by Lifesense who traditionally makes Keto products for people, they are developed to help improve man’s best friend’s mental alertness and energy and provides a rise in lean body fat. | lifesenseproducts.com

5. Chew on This

Innovative dog dental care is hitting the market with a human-grade dog chew that is made with 100% human-grade ingredients. The Pawlove Company released a dog chew made from roaming elk sheds that is said to contain a rich marrow flavor. These treats keep dogs busy chewing while helping them maintain healthy teeth and gums. | Mintel GNPD

6. Sounds Fishy...

Purina Beyond released a natural adult dog food with its first listed ingredient being whitefish. It is free from grain, corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. It meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO and dog food nutrient profiles for maintenance of adult dogs. | Mintel GNPD

7. Rise n’ Shine

Breakfast food is quickly moving into the pet food marketplace. Numerous pet food companies have released food combos that include eggs, bacon, turkey, pork, beef and cheese. We spotted breakfast-focused combo flavors in 8 different new products just released in the past two months. Human food that fits a new meal occasion is the new face in pet products | Mintel GNPD

8. Up in the Air

There’s a new and novel dog food preparation process emerging. Air-dried dog food utilizes a gentle and natural preserving method that allows the meat to stay stable at room temperature for long periods of time. Due to this gentle processing both the calories and the nutrition remain highly concentrated in the kibble. | Pet Business

9. Mixing it Up

Diversity in pet foods and treats is a big movement in today’s pet food industry, especially innovating a blend of protein and veggies. Fromm Family Foods released Four-Star Nutritionals Rancherosa which is a grain-free kibble that blends beef, lamb, pork and trout with ingredients like pinto beans, peas and chickpeas. | Mintel GNPD

10. Better Bites

Dog Jerky product launches have been continuously trending lately. There were 10 new jerky launches in the U.S. just within the past two months. Varieties include Chickpea and Blueberry The diversification in the flavors shows the steady increase in demand for man’s best friends’ new favorite snack. | Mintel GNPD

Click here for the full report!

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