Chimichurri Flavor Insight

October 30, 2019
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This traditional condiment orginates from Central & South America. It is made with parsley, oregano, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, and chili flakes, with no cooking necessary. This green sauce has seen an increase in social media mentions by over 30% in the last 10 months alone. Menu mentions are up 83% since 2015, prompting publications such as Nation’s Restaurant News to declare that the flavor has moved into the mainstream. Chimichurri is used mostly as an accessory item but has the potential and complexity to be a featured flavor. Let’s take a closer look at the uses of chimichurri on menus, social media mentions and global new products.

Chimichurri Overview

Check out FONA’s social listening analysis on chimichurri, covering the past 3 years. Chimichurri enjoys 82% positive perception.

  • 2.4 mentions per minute

  • 71% female - key consumer voice

  • Popular Hashtags: #steak #empanadas #homemade #choripan

  • Key consumer interests:

    1. Food & Drink

    2. Cooking

    3. Desserts & Baking

Top Posts:

  • (Twitter) @trendingmenu "3 sauce trends emerging in 2019: Chimichurri, Romesco and Coulis."

  • (Instagram) @getflavor "Customize chimichurri and bring the vibrant flavor of this fresh sauce to unexpected places with add-ins like ginger, hot sauce or mint."

On, 187 recipes appear when you search for chimichurri. Recipes include items such as casseroles, kebabs, flank steaks, mint sauce and bread.

Sauce Beauty Products

Sauce Beauty company released a new product in November 2018 called Chimichurri Mint Tingle Intense Repair Shampoo. This product is infused with mint and peppermint oils as well as cilantro and parsley. This company has released an entire line of edible beauty products based on different sauces such as a guacamole face mask, hot sauce heat protectant spray and creamy house dressing conditioner.

Chimichurri on the Menu: Q4 2017-Q4 2018

288 Chimichurri mentions on the menu

Casual dining is the top restaurant segment and entrée is the top menu section, accounting for 49% of all chimichurri-flavored menu items.

MENU MENTIONS: How to Eat Chimichurri 
With Fries: The Stand restaurant in Northridge, CA serves chimichurri as a dipping sauce with Porchetta fries and include green apple, onion slaw and cheese. This is considered to be a meal item.

Alongside Empanadas: 5411 Empanadas Truck in Chicago serves corn and beef empanadas with a side of chimichurri sauce as one of it’s signature menu items.

On Top of Steak:Agave Azul restaurant in Orlando, FL, serves chimichurri steak as an upscale authentic dish in the entrée section of their menu.

• In a Sandwich: The Picnic Basket sandwich shop in New York offers a variety of sandwiches such as pressed chicken or grilled halloumi with chimichurri sauce as a recommended condiment choice.


Chimichurri Global New Products 2017-2019

130 product introductions featuring chimichurri

Latin America is the top global region for chimichurri new product introductions.

Table Sauces is the top subcategory globally for chimichurri flavored new products.

Beef is one of the top flavors paired with chimichurri.

Top Chimichurri Global New Product Categories

  1. Sauces and Seasonings

  2. Processed Fish, Meat and Egg Products

  3. Meals and Meal Centers

  4. Snacks

  5. Savory Spreads

Product Examples:

The Criollo Gourmet Premium Sausages: The Meat Preachers Zamora brand has just released this product that is handmade from an original recipe. These are Kiwi-style sausages with 100% New Zealand lamb and a natural casing. This is sold with chimichurri sauce included in the packaging. | New Zealand

Chimichurri Aioli: This product is produced by the Sprig brand and said to be inspired bythe original Spanish egg-free sauce made with olive oil, garlic and the addition of chimichurri. This vegetarian product contains only natural colors and flavors. |India

Himilaya Salt with Chimichurri: Tempemar Sal do Himalaia com Chimichurri is now available. This product is gluten-free and retails in a 250g pack. | Brazil

Chimichurri North America New Products: 2017-2019

19 Product introductions featuring chimichurri

• The U.S. accounts for 15% of all chimichurri-flavored new product introductions.

Table Sauces is the top North American product subcategory for chimichurri flavored new products.

Beef is the top flavor paired with chimichurri in North America.

Top North American Chimichurri Product Categories

  1. Sauces and Seasonings

  2. Meals and Meal Centers

  3. Processed Meat, Fish and Egg Products

  4. Snacks

  5. Savory Spreads

Product Examples:

Skirt Steak with Chimichurri: The Butcher Shop at Sprouts One Pan Meal Skirt Steak with Chimichurri can be cooked on the grill or in the oven. The microwavable product retails in a 2.37lb package with cooking instructions included. | USA

Chimichurri Kefir Dip: Simply Simple Chimichurri Kefir Dip is free from GMO, gluten, cholesterol, trans fat, artificial flavors and colors. This product retails at Whole Foods Market and is developed by A&M Gourmet Foods company. | USA

Chimichurri Wagyu Beef Jerky: This product from Perky Jerky is USDA inspected and is a soy free blend including coconut aminos, coconut sugar, herbs and spices. | USA

The Takeaways

While chimichurri is a traditional flavor that was formulated specifically as a sauce, it possesses the depth of flavor to be applied to many different mediums and types of new products. Consumer perception shows that chimichurri flavor is viewed as more unique and premium than other sauces. As the taste enters the mainstream, there is opportunity to develop this flavor into products in the same way that other sauces or condiments like barbecue or salsa have been used. Is chimichurri right for your next new product?

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