10 Things You Should Know: November Edition

November 21, 2019
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Give Them Beer

1. Seltzer Advent Calendar

With the holiday season rolling around, a craft beer company called Give Them Beer has created a seltzer advent calendar. This calendar has 12 slots to start the countdown till Christmas. Each slot is filled with a different seltzer drink and includes brands like Truly, White Claw, and Smirnoff. | Thrillist

2. Twinkies Cereal

Post Cereals and Hostess collaborated to create a Twinkies cereal which will be releasing late this December. The new Twinkies cereal will not have a cream filling but is described to have creamy taste in every bite. | Food Dive

3. Mini Produce Farms

Kroger has just released a statement that they are bringing miniature, hydroponic produce farms into select stores this month. These new farms will eliminate the transportation and storage of many greens like parsley and cilantro. These products are said to only need associates’ attention 1-2 times per week and will not sell for more than their existing organic prices. | Grocery Dive

4. Pepsi’s Sparkling Rosé

For a very limited time only in November, Pepsi is releasing a non-alcoholic sparkling rosé. Pepsi partnered with the Real Housewives star, Lisa Vanderpump and released the rosé in honor of BravoCon. The rosé is said to have that real “Pepsi” flavor mixed with rosé and is in a chic glass bottle. | Delish

5. Dill Pickle Chips

Vlasic is in the works of creating their new low-carb product, vacuum-fried pickle chips. This new chip is reported to have only 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving, compared to 26 grams of your average chips. | EatingWell

6. Ready-To-Go Thanksgiving Food

Trades Joe’s has released new pre-prepped Thanksgiving dishes for those who are too busy (or lazy) to cook. Some heat & serve items to note is their Cauliflower Tot Casserole, Savory Vegan Gravy or their cheesy, mushroom potato casserole. They also have Chocolate Pecan Pie or “a flock of milk chocolate turkeys” for Thanksgiving dessert. |Thrillist

7. Pringles Stackable Turducken Feast

If you have not heard of the turducken yet, it essentially is a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey. Assuming that many will not be serving this flashy meat dish at Thanksgiving, Pringles has created a Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit that includes turkey, duck and chicken flavored stackable chips. | Food Dive

8. Holiday Coquito

Goya Foods celebrates the holiday season with an initiative to introduce the signature Coquito recipe to North American consumers. Coquito originated in Puerto Rico and is a creamy beverage made from coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon and rum. It is said, that if you like coconut milk and eggnog, you will love coquito. | PR Newswire

9. Black Sesame

Move over charcoal, black sesame may be the next trendy ingredient. Black sesame are ink-colored seeds that are grown inside pods which are found in tropical climates. Their taste differs from the common, beige-colored sesame seeds, with a nuttier and mild bitter flavor. It is often used in marinades, sushi rice, and Asian desserts. | Food Network

10. Pretzel Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts alerted consumers that they are jumping on the sweet and salty snack wagon in early 2020. Pop-Tarts is rolling out two new products: Pretzel cinnamon Sugar and Pretzel Chocolate. Both products are described to have a salty, crisp pretzel crust on the outside with a sweet filling inside. | Delish

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