10 Things You Should Know: January Edition

January 24, 2020
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1. The Forgotten Crop

Companies are re-discovering a crop, spirulina, which is a natural algae that can be used to replace blue and green artificial coloring. With clean and natural trends sweeping the nation, this is a simple alternative for companies trying to replace artificial ingredients in their products. | Food Navigator

2. Nesquik Oat Milk

This month, Nestle debuted a new dairy-free Nesquik Milk, Chocolate Oatmilk. This product contains 6 grams of plant protein and contains 40% less sugar than their regular Chocolate Almond milk. | Food Business News

Nestle S.A.

3. Lemon Crisp Kit Kat

Coming up in April, Kit Kat will be dropping new flavors into the market including a lemon crisp flavor. This candy has a white crème base with a lemon flavor and will come in the mini and individually wrapped version. |Delish

4. Cheesecake Factory Ice Cream

The Cheesecake Factory is releasing a line of ice cream this March with REAL cheesecake chunks in 7 different flavors. Some flavors to look out for are key lime, strawberry, birthday cake and more! | Pop Sugar

Pop Sugar

5. Lupini Beans

The lupini bean is becoming extremely popular across Europe but not well known in the US. This bean is higher in protein than soybeans, low-carb and packed with fiber. With plant-based diets growing in consumer popularity, the lupini bean may become a no brainer for these consumers’ diets. | Food Dive

6. Klondike Donut Bars

Klondike is now selling donut-inspired ice cream bars that contain real donut flavors and even have a hole in the middle. They released three different flavors including Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate, and Frosted strawberry… this one includes sprinkles too! | Delish

7. CBD Hot Chocolate

A Chicago company and cafe, XO Marshmallow, just released a winter treat that might help mellow you down after the holiday season. They created a Mexican Hot Chocolate that is infused with 40mg of CBD. | XO Marshmallow on Instagram

8. The Rise of Dark Stores

With increased popularity of online shopping, many grocery stores are investing in “dark stores”, which are grocery locations that are closed to customers and their sole purpose is to fulfill online orders. According to Iconoculture, only about 5% of shoppers buy their groceries online but this number is growing.

9. Wine Consumption Drops

For the first time in 25 years, wine consumption in the U.S. has decreased in 2019. According to Grocery Dive, wine consumption has been on a gradual increase for the last two decades until this past year. This may be a result of changing generational lifestyles. | Grocery Dive

10. Plant-Based Yogurts

With many consumers looking for dairy-alternative products, we are seeing a trend in plant-based yogurts. According to Thrillist, some plant-based yogurts that are worth the try are Forager “Cashewgurt”, Ayo with almond milk, The Coconut Cult, and many more vegan-friendly options. |Thrillist

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