10 Things You Should Know: April Edition

April 23, 2020
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1. Dalgona Coffee

An at-home coffee trend sweeping the nation is Dalgona Coffee. This whipped coffee trend consists of mixing together equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and water until if forms a frothy foam and then you pour it over the milk of your choice. This drink is described to be the opposite of a latte and is irrefutably tasty and super simple. | Insider

2. Online Snacking

With people staying at home, purchasing food online has skyrocketed. Many smaller entrepreneurs have been selling healthy shelf-stable snacks online and many of them are also giving back. This Saves Lives, is a company who is selling their children’s bars online, mission is to end childhood malnutrition. Other companies providing online snacks are Real Handful, Joolies, RIND Snacks, Keto Farms and many more. | Bakery and Snacks

3. Beta Glucans

During the COVID-19 crisis, there has been acceleration in mainstreaming beta glucans. Beta glucans are a pieces of dietary fiber found in bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, lichens, oats and barley. There is increasing evidence that this ingredient can help boost the immune system and the body’s natural defenses. | Food Navigator

4. Aldi Delivery

Aldi announced this month that they are partnering with Instacart and will start delivering groceries across the US. This is mainly in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak and their intentions are to help the most vulnerable get groceries directly to their door. | Delish

5. Sparkling Strawberry Juice

Trader Joe’s just released a new spring-inspired beverage, Sparkling Strawberry Juice. This beverage is made from non-concentrate strawberry juice, lots of bubbles, and no added sugars. It is said to taste naturally sweet and perfect for a spring day. | Trader Joe’s

6. Ramen Hacks

There are trends hitting the internet to help consumers doctor up their regular ramen packets into gourmet, home-cooked meals. Some include frying your ramen into ramen taco shells or ramen burger buns, Cacio e Pepe, ramen scrambled eggs and even peanut noodles. | Tastemade on Instagram

7. Croissant Crust Pizza

Digiorno just announced their new pizza line that has Croissant Crust that will be sold at Target in May. This line includes Four Cheese, Pepperoni, and Three Meat. The product is described to have layers of flaky and buttery crust. | CandyHunting

8. Sour Patch Kids Cookies

Chips Ahoy partnered with Sour Patch Kids and have released a limited time only treat, Chips Ahoy Sour Patch Kids Cookies. While you stay inside, and cannot decide between sweet or sour, this might be the new treat for you. | Pop Sugar

9. DIY Baking Kits

A Pennsylvania bakery, Collegeville Italian Bakery, is creating and selling DIY pizza making and cake making kits during this time. While families are spending their time at home, DIY kits are becoming more popular and a fun activity for the whole family to participate in. | Bake Mag

10. Bread Rising

With many having much more time to cook at home right now, consumers are making assortments of bread left and right. Many home-made recipes trending right now are gourmet dinner rolls, cheddar jalapeno loaf, monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, naan, and of course banana bread. | Bon Appétit

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