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August 19, 2020
Flavor Trends

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Rosé is made from red grapes like red wine, but the skins and stems are removed within 2-3 days. This brief contact with the skins and stems, gives the wine its light pink color. In general, rosés are very light-bodied and slightly sweet. Over the past couple of years rosé has been touted as “the drink of the summer” with the hashtag #roséallday still trending. We are seeing rosé new product growth across the globe, with North America as the primary region. Sugar & Gum Confectionery is the top product category expanding this traditional alcoholic beverage product into a wide range of products. Let’s take a closer look at the various forms of rosé on the menu, in social media, and in new products.

Social Listening Summary


We conducted a social listening analysis on rosé covering the previous 12 months. An overview is provided below.

mentions per minute

female voice

Keywords: drink, taste, enjoy, bottle, great

Key Consumer Interests

  1.  52% Food & Drink
  2. 28% Desserts & Baking
  3. 28% Humor & Satire
Top Posts

One of the top posts is an ad from Tamara Mowry @tameramowrytwo for her Sister Wine with 133,596 likes. "#WeekendMood This rosé is from our new @housleynapa brand @sister.wine which is all about sisterhood. It has a hint of sweetness and tastes fantastic nice and cold."

On Food.com, 8 recipes appear when you search for rosé—most consumers are just purchasing the bottle and consuming, but some consumers are getting creative. Recipes rosé sangria, rosy rosé berries and a rosé tortellini with tomato cream sauce.

Eat Your Rosé!

In the June 2020 issue of Table magazine, they show how you can do so much more with rosé than drink it. They provide a recipe for a rosé watermelon salad, where the rosé is infused into the watermelon for just a few hours to impart the flavor. It is described as “a juicy, savory watermelon salad marinated in rosé wine and herbs is…well, frankly it’s heaven!”

Rosé on the Menu Q4 2018-Q4 2019

3,726 Rosé Mentions on the Menu

Casual Dining is the top restaurant segment and beverages account for 99% of all rosé-flavored menu items. Some rosé-flavored food items appeared on the menu previously, but are no longer available.

Menu Mentions:

  • Frosé includes Chloe Rosé, Tito’s Handmade vodka, peach and strawberry puree at Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks in Carlsbad, California.
  • Sangria Rosada is described as a fruity, refreshing and effervescent rosé sangria with our recipe of spices, citrus, gin, brandy and roséwine at Jaleo in Washington, D.C.
  • Full of Emotions cocktail includes Absolut Elyx vodka, watermelon rosé, lychee, lemon, Topo Chico at Maple & Ash in Chicago, IL.

Consumers love rosé wine more than 91% of all alcoholic beverages
  • 12% of all consumers love rosé wine
  • This places it in the 91st percentile among all alcoholic beverages

Rosé Global New Product Introductions: 2014-2019

45 Rosé flavored new product introductions


  • NORTH AMERICA is the top global region for rosé new product introductions with 40% of all new products.
  • SUGAR & GUM CONFECTIONARY is the top product sub-category globally for rosé flavored new products.

Batch & Co Guava, Strawberry & Rosé Bondi Spritz: Made with Australian rosé and fruit concentrate. The product is made from at least 95% Australian ingredients. | Australia

Enzo’s at Home Penne Della Casa with Rosé SAUCE: A refrigerated, prepared meal that includes short pasta with chicken and avocado in a rosé sauce. | Australia

Ace Rosé Berry Craft Cider:  A premium hard cider made in the heart of Sonoma County’s vineyards and apple orchards, and is a mixture of raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry juice, blended into fermented apple cider. | Thailand

Rosé North America New Product Introductions 2014-2019

27 rosé flavored new product introductions


  • NORTH AMERICA is showing 166% growth in rosé flavored new product introductions from 2018-2019.
  • SUGAR & GUM CONFECTIONERY is the top North America sub-category for rosé flavored new products with 40% of all new products.

Great Value Rosé Wine Drink Enhancer: Made with natural flavors, contains 0% juice, and provides zero calories per serving. 39% of consumers responded that they likely or definitely would purchase this product, significantly outperforming its subcategory. | USA

Jeni’s Splendid Frosé Sorbet: A sangria-style frozen rosé with pear, strawberry and watermelon. It is said to be refreshing and bright, with a tinge of tartness.22% of consumers responded that they likely or definitely would purchase this product, significantly under-performing its subcategory. | USA

Lady May Sweets and Confections Blueberry Hibiscus Gourmet Gummy Teddies:  Made with real fruit juice and premium ingredients and 100 calories per serving. 35% of consumers responded that they likely or definitely would purchase this product, the same as its subcategory. | USA

Trader Joe’s Brut & Rosé Champagne Bottle Gummy Candies: Gummy candy providing “a little celebration in every bite.”

40% of consumers responded that they likely or definitely would purchase this product, significantly outperforming its subcategory. | USA

The Takeaways

Rosé is showing significant growth over the past 5 years and new products are being introduced around the globe. For those posting about hibiscus rosé on social media the words drink, taste, enjoy, bottle, great are most often associated with posts about rosé including various hashtags like #roséallday and #yeswayrosé. The slightly sweet flavor profile of rosé has allowed for new product introductions beyond the alcohol segment into other products, especially sugar & gum confectionery. The question is—is rosé on your Flavor Radar?

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