Our Shoppers Take On... Clean Label

November 17, 2020
Consumer Shopper-Panel Clean

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This week, our shopper panel takes on clean label.

In this interaction, we wanted to know what our panelists think about clean label. Earlier this week, we released our 2020 FONA National Clean Survey Special Report where we compared how consumers' attitudes and opinions on clean label have changed since our last survey in 2016. Now, we're digging even deeper into consumers' definitions of clean label in their own words. And while still undefined as an industry term, 50% of our panelists identified themselves as "clean balancers", consumers who seek balance in health choices but enjoy indulging from time to time. From what they are willing to pay more for to how flavor plays a role in their perception of clean label, let's take a look and see where you might find opportunity for your brand.


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