10 Things You Should Know: January Edition

January 24, 2022
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1. Cashew Yogurt

Trader Joe’s released a new yogurt alternative, Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative. This new yogurt is made in a plain, unsweetened version with hints of coconut and includes active probiotics. It is said to be a great additive for smoothies or a stand-alone base with fruit and nuts added in. | Trader Joe’s

2. Veganuary

With the start of a new year and health goals being top-of-mind, a campaign called Veganuary is trending for its second year. Veganuary is a campaign that developed in the U.K. to get people to give up meat & dairy for a month, and it is slowly catching on in the U.S. This campaign has over 500,000 people enrolled globally and with more plant-based options becoming available, it is becoming easier for consumers to join. | Axios

3. Mega Bites Goldfish

Goldfish, a Pepperidge Farm brand, has released a new product line targeted toward the adult demographic, Goldfish Mega Bites. Unlike the traditional small Goldfish pieces, designed perfectly for children, Mega Bites are 50 percent larger than the original pieces and are releasing in Sharp Cheddar and Cheddar Jalapeño varieties. | Food & Wine

4. Online Alcohol Sales

As a result of the pandemic, online alcohol sales have skyrocketed due to consumers purchasing more products online. According to a report by Rabobank, online alcohol sales from grocery stores more than quadrupled from 2019 to 2021. Sales are projected to continue growing more than 15% in 2022 hitting nearly two billion by the end of the year. | Grocery Dive

5. Immune-Boosting Drinks

As a result of the pandemic, Bolthouse Farms has embraced immunity health through adding new ingredient to their immunity juice line. In their Superfood Immunity Boost juice blend, they have added elderberries, zinc, and echinacea, which is popular in herbal remedies. They also feature vitamins C, D, and E in their juices. | Food Dive

6. Kit Kat Duos

The Hershey company has launched two new permanent additions to their Kit Kat Brand, Duos Strawberry & Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut Thins. The Duos come in standard and King sizes and the Chocolate Hazelnut Thins come in the large shareable packages. | Food Industry Executives

7. Flavor Boost

Kraft has launched a new addition for their iconic macaroni & cheese product, Flavor Boost. This new product is a seasoning packet that comes in three flavors: Buffalo, ranch, and pizza. These seasoning packets are designed to be an additional, mix-in ingredient for your mac & cheese. | Food Network

8. Chili Oil Noodles

Trending on TikTok, users are sharing a delicious, simple technique to making Chili Oil Noodles. This recipe involves pouring sizzling hot oil over various herbs and spices, that are likely pantry staples, like cayenne pepper, chili, parsley, and salt. Once the oil and spices are infused, it is poured over rice or egg noodles and is ready to eat. | Thrillist

9. Health Can’t Sacrifice Taste

In a survey performed by OnePoll, “more than 8 in 10 consumers said tasty flavors still matter when it comes to eating healthy.” This study also found that 58% of consumers don’t think healthy food taste good enough and 72% said they would eat healthier foods if they tasted better. | Food & Beverage Insider

10. Echelon

Echelon, which is a new pre-workout energy drink that has been developed by the military is releasing exclusively to GNC nationwide. This new performance beverage comes in ready-to-drink 8.4 oz cans, contains 300 mg of caffeine and 200 g of l-theanine. They also come in three wild flavors: Berry Habanero, Watermelon Thai Chili, and Yuzu Cayenne. | PR Newswire

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