10 Things You Should Know: February Edition

February 21, 2022
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1. Chamoy

The Food Network magazine calls chamoy, a Mexican condiment, the flavor of the year. According to Datassential, menu mentions of chamoy have increased by 300% over the past four years. Chamoy is made from pickled sour fruit and is described as sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. | The Food Network

2. Mini Acts of Kindness

Entenmann’s is inviting people to sign up a loved one for a Mini Acts of Kindness 5k Giveaway.  The first 5000 winners will receive a box of Entenmann’s Minis and one grand prize winner and their nominee, will receive $5,000. In the spirit of kindness, Entenmann’s will also be donating $1 for every entry to Feeding America. | PR Newswire

3. Talenti Mocktails

Talenti launched new cocktail-inspired options to their flavor “pairings” frozen dessert line. In their Sorbetto Pairing, they released a Strawberry Margarita flavor that comes in a jar with half strawberry sorbetto and half tart lime sorbetto. In their Gelato Pairing, they launched a Bourbon Fudge Brownie flavor that comes in a jar with half Belgian chocolate gelato with brownie bites and half Oak-Aged Bourbon gelato. | Mashed

4. Incredisauce

Trader Joe’s released a new condiment that is jam-packed with flavor, Incredisauce. This new sauce has a honey-mustard profile that is made with egg yolk, garlic, onion powder, cane sugar and a hint of smokiness. It has a golden-yellow color with a thick creamy texture and can be used as a dipping sauce for chicken or on a sandwich. | Trader Joe’s

5. Pita Growth

According to Mintel Menu Insights, Pita-based sandwiches have grown by 55% over the past 3 years on menus. This growth is said to be correlated with increased interest in health-focused meals because pita sandwiches are usually packed with fresh, healthy ingredients. Another factor is consumers interest in experiencing international cuisines. | Mintel

6. Mushroom Oat Milk

Lifeway Foods announced a new addition to their probiotic oat milk line, Mshrm Oat. This new line of oat milk uses mushrooms as their star ingredient and contains gut microbiome-boosting attributes, active probiotic cultures, and beta-glucans for heart health. Mshrm Oat comes in three flavors: Calm with vanilla notes, Support with berry notes, and Focus with spiced notes. | Food Dive

7. Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Tacos

Taco Bell has announced a few new menu items this month, Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, Cantina Crispy Chicken Tacos, and the Cantina Crispy Chicken Tortada. The Flamin’ Hot taco option is a spicier version of their discontinued Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. | Food & Wine

8. Nutri-Grain Bites

Kellogg’s announced their new portable and bite-sized snack for kids, Nutri-Grain Chocolatey Banana Bites. This new product comes in portioned-out snack packs full of mini whole grain bites filled with chocolatey banana filling. | Chew Boom

9. Rosemary

A recent study conducted by Northumbria University in the UK found that the consumption of rosemary extract enhances memory-based cognitive functions, improves mood, and relieved stress. Rosemary, a common herb in cooking and valued for its robust flavor and natural preservative properties, may now be thought of for its functional benefits. | Food & Beverage Insider

10. Cookie Dough Snackables

Ben & Jerry’s will be releasing a new snackable product, Cookie Dough Mix. This new product comes in two different options, their S’mores option which includes bite size graham cracker cookie dough and marshmallow chocolate truffles, and their Peanut Butter option which includes bite size peanut butter cookie dough with mini peanut butter cups. | @thejunkfoodaisle on Instagram

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