10 Things You Should Know September Edition

September 20, 2022
10-Things Bakery Generation-Z Snacks Coffee

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1. RAO’s Brick-Oven-Crust Pizza

Rao’s, an Italian focused brand, will be moving into the frozen pizza category. The premium pizza has a sauce made with San Marzano Italian tomatoes, freshly sautéed garlic and onions, and fresh basil. It retails for $12.99 and comes in four varieties: Five Cheese, Meat Trio, Fire Roasted Vegetable, and Uncured Pepperoni. | Food Dive

2. TRUFF x Hidden Valley Ranch

A unique sauce-on-sauce collaboration: TRUFF's Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce x Hidden Valley Ranch. The exclusive, limited-time sauce will feature “the spice of red chiles, umami depth of black truffles, and tangy, creaminess of ranch dressing, all of which morph into a truly gourmet condiment.” | PR Newswire

3. Twix Cookie Dough

Twix is adding a thick cookie dough-flavored layer with chocolate cookie bits inside its, usually crunchy, candy bar. Twix already sold 1,000 candy bars for a limited time back in June but will officially be released in-store in December 2022. | Thrillist

4. Corn Kid Partners with Chipotle

Tariq (a.k.a Corn Kid) is the star of the recent viral TikTok video that has received over 50 million views. His appreciation for corn, which he refers to as “lump and knobs” scored him a partnership with Chipotle. His order consists of solely corn…It’s “corntastic”. | Delish



5.  Churro-Inspired Donuts

Krispy Kreme, a worldwide leader in offering delicious donuts, created the ultimate sugar lovers' treat: The ChurrDough Donut Collection. The limited-time collection included: Cinnamon Sugar Churrdough, Cookies & Kreme Churrdough, and Dulce De Leche Churrdough. | Delish

6. New Girl Scout Cookie

Thin Mints have a new competitor: Raspberry Rally. Both are thin, crispy, and coated in chocolate, but this new cookie is infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint. Raspberry Rally will be available for purchase online starting in January 2023. | Taste of Home

7.  Box O’ Beer

Harpoon Brewery, a Boston-based company, and Dunkin’ Donuts are bringing back the Box O’ Beer for a fifth season this month. The brews come in four flavors, each made with Dunkin’ coffee: Pumpkin Latte Inspired Ale, Cold Brew Coffee Porter, Hazelnut Blonde Stout, and Coffee Roll Cream Ale. | Delish

8. Goodbye, Choco Taco

Klondike, a popular ice cream brand, announced they have discontinued the beloved Choco Taco for the foreseeable future. The ice truck staple has been around since 1984 and fans took it to social media to mourn its end. | Taste of Home



9.  Coffee Trends

A resource used for in-depth consumer and market trends, Mintel, reported that coffee is entering its fourth wave since it started in the late 1800’s. This wave is marked by Gen-z and at-home specialty coffee drinks. TikTok is predicted to have a strong influence on the future of coffee trends in the US. | Mintel

10. Frito-Lay Bar-B-Q Flavor

Frito-Lay plans on bringing a little bit of summer into fall with their Bar-B-Que Flavor Corn Chips this month. The flavor has been discontinued since 2018, but it will be back permanently thanks to the 32,000 people who signed a petition to resurrect the flavor. | Mashed

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