10 Things You Should Know March Edition

March 27, 2023
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1. Low-Caffeine Coffee Trending

According to a Mintel report, 39% of UK consumers are trying to cut down on their caffeine consumption and low-caffeine coffee is trending as consumers are prioritizing their health. While decaf options are available, consumers are looking for low-caffeine coffee options to still get the coffee-rich flavor while still cutting caffeine intake. | Mintel

2.  Coors-icles

In celebration of the NCAA basketball season kicking off, Coors Light released a new Coors beer-flavored popsicle. These limited-edition Coors-icles will be sold at more than 800 bars throughout the United States until the end of the NCAA tournament ends. | Food & Wine  

3.  Kids Protein Pancakes

The Good Flour Co. developed a children’s protein pancake mix, Patty Cakes. This pancake mix is gluten, dairy, and nut free and made with 23 grams of potato protein per serving. | Food Business News 

4. NotMayo            

In Kraft Heinz's joint venture with NotCo, they launched a new plant-based product, NotMayo. This product is described to have the traditional smooth and creamy texture of egg-based mayonnaise but it is made with chickpea flour instead. | Food Dive


5.  Spicy Flavors Growing

Spicy flavors and ingredients are trending as consumers are looking for spice innovation across menu sections. According to Mintel, 73% of consumers expressed a desire for more spicy flavors on menu offerings which leaves room for seasoning, marinade and sauce innovation. | Mintel 

6. Foot-Long Crisp

In celebration of National Potato Chip Day, Subway and Baked Lays debut their new footlong chip crisp. This chip came in a special, footlong box and was exclusively sold at one Subway in Frisco, Texas. | PR Newswire 

7.  Ranch Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen collaborated with Hidden Valley Ranch and launched their limited-edition product, Hidden Valley Ranch French Ice cream. This ice cream has a creamy buttermilk base with hints of herby onion and garlic flavor and is said to pair well with salty, crunchy chips. | Food 52 


8. Frozen Sour Strips

One of the latest food trends on TikTok currently is Frozen Sour Strips. This trend blew up on TikTok last month and it is as simple as putting your favorite sour candy strips into the freezer for about an hour. Once the candy is frozen, the result is a tasty but now crunchy sour candy. | Slaying Social

9. Alani Nu Gummy Bears


Alani Nu introduced new products to their brand, Alani Gummies. These ready-to-eat snacks will come in two options: Gummy Bears and Smoothie Gummy Rings. These gummies are marketed to having “less calories and sugar than ever before.” | PR Newswire 

10. Pickled Pups

Trader Joe’s launched a new appetizer product, Perfectly Pickled Pups. This new product is made with tiny beef hotdogs infused with dill-pickle flavor and then coated in pickle-seasoned batter and breadcrumbs. They are said to be perfectly crisp on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. | Trader Joe’s

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