Heat and Texture - Salsa Macha

June 9, 2023
Savory Spice Flavor



As heat continues to push beyond the singularly spicy realm and be recognized as part of a full sensorial eating experience, textural heat is gaining traction. Multi-textural oils and condiments are gaining popularity as vehicles for heat. These sauces and dry blends, found across the world, are rich, authentic, and embrace flavor first.

Cuisines in Mexico and China have long appreciated how texture amplifies the heat experience. In the Flavor Forecast 21st Edition, Chinese chili crisp was identified as what is new and next in spicy flavors. A chili-oil condiment, it is made by simmering chilies, Sichuan peppercorns and spices in oil with fried onion and garlic for a complete package of texture, flavor and heat. As consumers embrace “crunch” plus heat, salsa macha is another spicy condiment to take note of due to its chunky texture.

A versatile, thick, oil-based slightly spicy condiment made with seeds, nuts, garlic, and an abundance of dried chilis, salsa macha originated in Veracruz, Mexico. Also aligned with the exploration of regional Mexican flavors, it represents the emotional connection of Mexico to chili-based heat in an exciting, delicious way. Salsa macha offers a compelling and versatile base as its core ingredients are flexible, but typically contains an oil, garlic, and dried chilis. Variations commonly include nuts or protein and vinegar.

  • #salsamacha has over 97.7 million views on TikTok
  • Salsa macha has grown 383% on US menus over the past 4 years. Datassential, US Chains & Independents
  • Salsa macha was ranked no. 5 in Timeout’s 25 under-the-radar condiments that chefs can’t live without. - TimeOut, 2/21

Try it and apply it



  • Salsa macha adds heat, flavor and depth to sandwiches, tacos, pizza, soup, and even pasta!
  • Blend with butter, hummus, or cream cheese for a bold bread topping or dip.
    • https://www.mccormickforchefs.com/recipes/sauces-condiments-and-spreads/salsa-macha-butter
  • Create a chunky, crunchy snack with a salsa macha inspired profile for tortilla chips and more.
  • Serve as a marinade for proteins like chicken and shrimp.

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